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Cat Breeds

American Curl cats
Bengal cat gifts - Suggestions and ideas.
Bengal cats - On the Wild Side.
Bengal house cats.
Black cat breeds - are there any?
Cat Breeds - A comprehensive list.
Chartreux cats - Unique cats
Colorpoint Shorthair - The cousins of the Siamese.
Egyptian Mau - All about this beautiful spotted cat breed.
Exotic cat breeds
How to choose the right cat breed.
Hypoallergenic cat breeds.
Japanese Bobtail cats
Korat cats - Beautiful felines
Large domestic cat breeds.
Manx cats - The Tale of the Tail.
Non shedding cat breeds.
Popular cat breeds.
Ragamuffin cats - sweet, gentle felines.
Rare cat breeds.
Siamese cats - true oriental beauties.
Siamese cat gifts - find great ideas here.
Small cat breeds.
Snow Bengal Cats.
Snowshoe cats - information and gift ideas.
Traditional Siamese - The original Siamese breed.

Cat Collectibles

Cat Coffee Mugs: Fun and whimsical cat lover gifts
Cat Collectibles: Great gift for both beginners and seasoned collectors
Cat Figurines: You can find a real treasure
Cat Plates: Where to find them and how to decorate with them
Collectible Cat Figurines for Sale
Kitschy Katz - Unique Cat Collectibles
Maneki Neko - The Lucky Cat Figurine
The Japanese Lucky Cat

Cat Gifts

Baby cats - Gift ideas
Bengal cat gifts
Black and white kitten gift ideas
Brown tabby cat gifts
Calico cat gifts
Cat calendars: inspirational and fun gifts
Cat cartoon art: a gift of art for all ages
Cat gifts for people
Cat gifts - lots of ideas
Cat magazines: stay abreast of the latest in cat news and more
Cute kittens - gift ideas and pictures
Cute kitty gifts and pictures
Fat kitty gifts
Fat tabby cat - gifts and pictures
Gifts for cats
Gray tabby cat gifts
Kittens fighting - gift ideas
Mad cats - humorous gift ideas
Manx kittens - gifts and pictures
More cat themed gifts
More gifts inspired by quarreling kittens
Siamese cat gifts
Silly cats - gift ideas and pictures
Silly kitten gifts and pictures
Tabby kitten gifts
Tuxedo cat gifts
Valentine cats - gift ideas for cat lovers
Valentine cat pictures
Valentine pets - gift ideas for pet lovers
White kitten gifts

Cat Health

Asthma in cats - symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
Cat allergy symptoms.
Cat conjunctivitis - causes and treatment.
Cat eye care.
Cat eye problems.

Cat Lover Products

Animal Christmas cards.
Animal holiday cards.
Cat Christmas cards - personalize or make your own.
Cat Christmas card decorating ideas.
Cat Christmas stocking ideas.
Cat combs guide.
Cat costumes galore.
Cat food bowls - Information, suggestions and gift ideas.
Cat lover products - A fun guide.
Cat water bowls - useful tips and information.
Cheshire cat costumes
Choose the right cat comb for your cat.
Halloween costumes for cats.
Pet Christmas cards.
Pet holiday cards.

Cat Names

Asian cat names.
Bengal cat names.
Black cat names here.
Black cat names - additional names
Blue cat names - Find here names for your blue kitty.
Boy cat names - Find ideas here.
Calico cat cat names
Cartoon cat names for cats and kittens.
Cat Names: 20 Sources of Inspiration.
Cat names and meanings.
Celtic cat names.
Celtic names - more magical names for cats.
Common cat names.
Cool cat names for cool cats.
Creative cat names.
Cute cat names for cute cats and kittens.
Cute names for female kittens.
Cute names for male kittens.
Cute kitten names.
Disney names for your kitty.
Dog and cat names.
Egyptian cat names for female cats.
Egyptian names for male cats.
Exotic names for unique cats
Female cat names - Find the perfect name here.
French names for male cats- Vous parlez Francaise?
French names for female cats.
Fun list of cat names.
Fun names for cats.
Funny cat names for funny cats.
Girl cat names - Lots of ideas for that very special girl cat in your life.
Gray cat names - Find a fun name for your gray cat.
Good cat names. Check these out.
Halloween names for cats and kittens.
Irish cat names
Japanese names for cats and kittens.
Kitten names - Lots of fun ideas.
Literary Cat Names: Unique felines names.
Magical names for cats.
Male cat names - Looking for a name for your male cat? Check here.
Names for kittens.
Names for kittens and cats.
Orange cat names - colorful and cheery
Oriental cat names - Out-of-the-ordinary names for cats.
Original and fun kitty cat names.
Persian cat names - Beautiful names for the beautiful Persian.
Pet names for cats.
Pet names and meanings.
Popular names for cats.
Siamese cat name ideas.
Siamese kitten names.
Tabby cat names.
Tabby names for cats - another fun list.
Thai cat names.
Tuxedo cat names for black and white felines.
Unique names for male cats.
Unique names for female cats.
Unique names for kittens.
Unusual names for cats and kittens.
White cat names - Names for the magical and ethereal white cats.

Cat Types

Calico cats - True tricolor felines.
Cat breeds that can have calico markings.
Dilute calico cat gift ideas.
Feral cats - learn about them and help.
Large domestic cats.
Maltese cats - You'll these blue and gray cats.
Moggy cats - Fun trivia, facts and quotes.
Orange tabby cats
Tabby cats - Find information here.
The unique torbie cat.
Tortoiseshell cats.
Tuxedo cats - Beautiful black-and-white felines.
Types of cats.
White cats - Learn all about them.


Catnip plants.
Catnip tea - tips and information.
Catnip toys - Home made catnip toys.
Catnip toys galore.
Growing catnip

Fun and Helpful Cat Stuff

Animal quotes - funny, insightful quotes about animals.
Animal quotations - you will enjoy this collection.
Cat news: The latest in cat health, cat care, cat trivia, and more.
Cat sayings and cat proverbs.
Cat sayings - more tidbits of feline wisdom.
Cat songs - a fun collection.
Cat quotes: A fun collection of quotes about cats.
Cat quotes: Funny quotes, famous quotes...
Cat quotes and quotations - Another fun page.
Cat quotations - more feline wisdom.
Cheshire cat quotes.
Cat proverbs.
Cat proverbs part 2.
Cat resources: a list of useful animal and cat sites.
Facts about cats: learn interesting information about cats.
Famous cats - A list.
Famous cat quotes.
Fun cat stuff: cat games, cat news, funny cat pictures, and more.
Funny animal quotes.
Funny cat quotes.
Funny pet quotes.
Funny quotes about cats.
Looking for more cat facts? Find more fun cat facts here.
More interesting cat facts.
More quotations about cats.
Pet quotes - funny and humorous quotations.
Quotations about animals.
Quotes about animals.
Quotes about pets.
Songs about cats.
Why do cats purr? Find out here.

Your Cat

Candid cat photographs.
Cat adoption stories.
Cartoon cat mania.
Black cat stories and pictures from our readers.
Tuxedo cats from our readers.
White cat stories and pictures.
You and your cat - stories and more.
Your funny cat photo.

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Our Cats

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Mia the CatMia was lovely, courageous, and one of the wisest cats I've ever met. This site is dedicated to her memory.


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