Pet Names and Meanings

I hope you enjoy the list of pet names and meanings presented here. They are perfect for cats, dogs or any other type of pet you may have.

This list includes pet names inspired by beverages, mythological creatures, nature, and a few fancy cars. You will find that the name meanings are quite interesting.

Cat names and meanings

dog and cat pet namesThe focus of this site is cats, so I had kitties in mind when I was researching these names. However, they make wonderful names for all types of pets.

  • Accord – to be in agreement, also a medium-size car by Honda

  • Ambrosia – the food of the gods in classic mythology

  • Bamboo – a tall, grass-like, flexible, woody plant native to Asia

  • Bentley – from the moor, also a luxury car made by Rolls Royce

  • Bonsai – the Japanese art of growing dwarfed trees and other plants

  • Bugatti – an Italian sports car

  • Cabernet – a dry, red wine

  • Callisto – name of a nymph

  • Calypso – a sea nymph in Greek mythology

  • Chestnut – the name of one of the deciduous tree

  • Chianti – a dry table wine

  • Claret – a dry red wine

  • Comet – a celestial body with a long tail that travels around the sun, from the Greek komḗtēs and the Latin comētēs, comēta, meaning having long hair

  • Cosmos – order, arrangement, world, universe

  • Dandelion – a yellow flower

  • Ebony – a tropical tree that produces dark wood, native to southern Asia

  • Espresso – strong black coffee

  • Garnet – a gemstone of a deep, dark red color

  • Jade – a highly valued green gemstone

  • Jarrah - an Australian tree with hard, reddish-brown wood

  • Karma – Fate or destiny in Buddhism and Hinduism

  • Kodiak – Large brown bear from Alaska

  • Kuma – Japanese for bear

  • Levi – united, joining (Hebrew)

  • Magnolia – name of a white flower

  • Mahogany – American evergreen tree with hard, reddish-brown wood

  • Mazda – Japanese automaker, also from Ahura Mazda, supreme god in Zoroastrianism

  • Noah - peace, comfort, wanderer (Hebrew)

  • Rum – an alcoholic liquor distilled from sugar

  • Ruski – a lemon and vodka drink

  • Sage – a wise person, an aromatic herb

  • Sake – Japanese mildly alcoholic beverage made from rice

  • Saul – called by God (Hebrew), first king of Israel

  • Seth – appointed by God (Hebrew)

  • Simon – "he who hears", one of the twelve apostles

  • Solomon – wise, peaceful (Hebrew)

  • Triton – Greek god, messenger of the sea, son of Poseidon

  • Wombat – a nocturnal Australian animal

  • Zen – a branch of Buddhism that focuses on the practice of meditation and mindfulness

  • Zephyr – a gentle breeze

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