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The cat videos shown on this page will cheer you up! Watch cats talking, dancing, even playing the piano. The video of the talking cat is my favorite. What is your favorite cat video?

Cats are truly fun animals, as the videos below show. Our furry friends are cute, funny and, sometimes, mischievous. Luckily, technology allows cat lovers to capture their cats’ antics and share those moments with all of us.

With the advent of camcorders, camera phones and computers, practically everyone can instantly share their pictures and videos with the world. And some video makers even manage to create very original pieces. Video-sharing sites like YouTube and others have made this process even easier.

You can easily find online funny cat-videos, cute cat-videos, and crazy cat-videos. Just go to any video sharing site and do a search for cats. You will get lots of results.

I enjoy watching videos of cats. Feline-inspired videos always make me smile. Indeed, a cats video will certainly lift any cat lover’s spirit any day.

You can also make fun videos of your cats using photos. Don't know how to go about it? Visit Your pet photos are turned into photovids. Check it out!

And by the way, there are movies in which cats are the protagonists. These pages have information about cat movies and musicals:

Jump to our guide about cats in musicals.

Okay, let's the fun begin. Here are a few videos of cats (courtesy of YouTube and the video makers) for you to enjoy. Just hit play and enjoy!

Singing cats?

Max (one of my cats) makes a similar sound when he sees birds outside.

Another singing cat...

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Practice does make perfect

Apparently cats love playing the piano. Who knew cats could be so musical? You can find a lot of videos of cats playing the piano on YouTube. Here are some of my favorites:

Nora, the Piano Cat

Nora playing the piano – The sequel …

Nora keeps getting better and better... What a talented kitty.

And here’s another cat playing the piano

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Talking cat video

Max, one of my cats loves talking, especially when he's hungry. Sometimes it gets really intense. Here’s another talkative kitty:

Go to our talking cats page for more videos.

The kitty cat dance

This is a hilarious video of a dancing cat. Funny song too.

Did you like this cats video? Then check back often, as I’ll be updating this page regularly to bring you the funniest and cutest cat video clips.

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