Have Fun Finding Unique Cat Gifts

Need to find unique cat gifts? Are you looking for a gift that’s whimsical and out of the ordinary? Maybe you want to surprise your cat-loving friends and give them something fun, something that will cheer them up.

Even though you can always find wonderful "traditional" gifts, (I hope that this site has provided you with many ideas to get you started), it’s also a great idea to give original, whimsical, unique cat gifts that will enchant your friends.


Here's a List of Unique Gift Ideas

Cat Gift Baskets

This is a gift that you can either make or buy. If you want to make it yourself there are a few items that you will need:

  • A container: You can use the traditional basket, or you can get really creative and use less traditional containers such as boxes or bowls.

  • Fillers: These can include fruit, candy, toys, cat treats and more.

  • Wrapping materials: The traditional cellophane paper is always a favorite, but you can always unleash your creativity and come up with your own unique wrapping ideas.

    Here are more pet gift basket ideas.

*If you prefer to buy, many trusted online stores offer a huge selection of cat-themed gift baskets to choose from.

Cat Cookie Jars

This is a great gift idea. It’s fun and practical at the same time. Besides, a cat cookie jar can be used to store human treats as well as cat treats.

Cookie jars are one of my favorite collectable items as well. Maybe you can help your friend start a collection of cat-themed cookie jars and canisters.

Yard Art and Cat Garden Statues

Yard and garden art have become increasingly popular. And they make unique cat gifts. Garden art will definitely add a touch of feline beauty to your garden.

Trusted online stores offer amazing cat garden statues and cat yard art at great prices.

Cat Portraits

A portrait of a beloved pet is a gift sure to be welcomed and appreciated by every cat lover.

A pet portrait is a wonderful way to showcase the beauty and grace of your feline friend. Indeed, a unique cat gift!

Plush Cats

A plush cat is a great cat lover gift for cat lovers of all ages. Kids and adults alike will love a soft, hug-able kitty-cat.

You can also find unique plush cat gifts. Besides the traditional plush toys, you can now find plush, cat-themed purses, key chains and backpacks.

Cat Home Decor

Cat-themed home accents and household items make out-of-the-ordinary and practical cat lover gifts.

Cat-inspired kitchen and bathroom accessories, fine art prints, whimsical candles and candle holders, beautiful sun catchers and glass art, are among the many items you will find online and offline.

Cat Clothing

Cat-inspired clothing items have grown in popularity, so there is a wide selection of items to choose from. Cat socks, cat-themed purses, and funky t-shirts make fun and affordable cat lover gifts.

You can also find pet clothing especially designed for cats. You can find cat vests, sweaters, coats, and more. Plus, you can also find accessories such as collars, charms, leashes, and bandannas.

Cat Accessories

Need a unique cat gift that is also practical? Well, to properly care for your cat you need a few essential items.

The gift of essential cat accessories such as grooming items, carriers, food bowls, and scratching posts is a great and practical idea, and it will surely be welcomed.

Pet Crafts

If you really want to give a unique gift, make it yourself! A gift you design yourself is not only unique, but original as well.

You can be sure that this present will be truly welcomed and appreciated. The gift can be either for your human friends or for your furry friends.

More unique cat gifts

Here are five unusual gift ideas for cat lovers. I'm sure your cat-loving friends will love these gifts.

Other unique gifts for cat lovers and their furry companions include: cat stationary, cat banks, cat-themed music boxes, unique cat furniture, cat coffee mugs and more.

Here's another lovely (and unique) gift idea:

Hand made original decorative cat tiles ideal unique gifts to use as door plaques or wall hangings.

Just go here to order: www.triflecattiles.co.uk.

And for one-of-a-kind and whimsical cat gifts, visit www.c-cats.com. There you will find unique cat art, note cards, pillows, and t-shirts.

Cat gifts for people

Fun and original gift ideas for cat lovers include:

Fun for all pet lovers If in addition to your beloved cats you have other pets, you will enjoy the following websites:

Canine Kids: Information about the love and care of all our furbabies.

Mutts N Moggies Mutts*n*moggies have been designing & making crystal cat & dog collars for over 10 years. Crystals are hand sewn onto collars. Collars are original designs. Hundreds of unique cat and dog collars have been created and supplied to customers worldwide.

Cat Bed : Cat Bed 4Less offers a huge selection of cat beds. This is your online source of reasonably priced and sturdy beds for your ever loving cat.

Looking for something?

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