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Cat articles can be an excellent source of cat information. Personally, I enjoy learning new things about cats. I’m constantly seeking information about felines. I find that there is always something new to learn about cat history, cat care, cat breeds and anything that has to do with cats.

Indeed, I love reading cat articles and books about cats. As the owner of two cats, I’m always enchanted by their beauty and intelligence. And, they always manage to surprise me. My cats also keep me entertained with their antics. To me, an article that sheds light on cat behavior is always welcome.

Cats are not only beautiful and mysterious, but they are also very interesting creatures. Felines were domesticated much later than dogs; therefore, they still retain many of their wild characteristics. Cats are very independent but contrary to popular belief cats can be trained! There is an abundance of cat articles about cat training and cat behavior, as well as other subjects.

The cat articles found here bring you general as well as specific information about felines. Some of the topics you’ll find here include:

  • General information about cats
  • Cat health
  • Kitten care
  • Cat breeds
  • Cat training
  • Cat behavior

Another important topic is pet health insurance. There are many options out there so it is important to educate ourselves in order to choose the right insurance for our pets. And you can find cat articles online that shed light on pet insurance. I'll soon be providing information on this important topic.

From cat pregnancy to cat training, from cat art to cat grooming, you will certainly find cat articles that contain the information you’re looking for. Just check the links below.

Please check back often, as I will add new cat articles to this page regularly.

Cats are mysterious kind of folk - there is more passing in their minds than we are aware of. - Sir Walter Scott

Articles about Cats

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Tips. This cat article provides you with tips on how to help your cat with her grooming.

Cat grooming supplies. Tips on how to select the tools you need to keep kitty in top shape.

Cat combs - essential cat grooming tools. A quick guide to the different types of combs and their uses.

Choosing the right pet groomer for your cat. Also learn about the different types of pet groomers.

Mobile pet groomers. They are the perfect solution for shy cats, cats that need special care, and senior cats.

Cat Types

Calico cats: Learn about these lovely tricolor felines. Plus, you'll find several gift ideas.

Tabby cats: Beautiful striped felines. The facts and the myths behind these gorgeous cats.

Ginger cats. Learn all about them here. And meet a few famous orange cats, too.

Learn more about Tortoiseshell Cats. This article also gives you fun trivia about these unique felines and gift ideas.

Tuxedo Cats - Beauty in Black and White. What makes a cat a tuxedo cat? Learn about these beautiful cats.

Learn about the different cat types. From coat types to unique colorings, from tuxedos to feral cats.

Torbie cats. Add stripes to the bicolor coat of the tortoiseshell cat and you have a torbie. Learn more here.

Feral cats. Feral cats have become a growing problem in many communities. What can you do to help?

Cat colors. What color is your cat? Learn about the different colors and patterns cats come in.

Cat Care

Cat hairballs: symptoms, prevention and remedies. Information about the causes of hairballs and their treatment.

Litter box problems: How to prevent them and solve them. Learn about the most common litter box problems and their solutions.

Cat care: grooming, safety at home, and more! Lots of tips and suggestions on cat care.

Plants poisonous to cats. A list of plants hazardous to your cat.

Cat Information

General cat information. Cat origins, anatomy, and more.

Catnip - Cats love it! Why do cats love catnip so much? Find out here.

Cat grass - information and gift ideas. Learn about the advantages of adding grass to your cat's diet and how to grow your own.

Why do cats purr? Do they purr because they're happy? Yes, but that is not the only reason why cats purr. Learn more about purring here.

How do cats purr? Learn about the mechanics behind the purring sound.

Why do cats meow? Cats meow to communicate. Read more about this interesting topic in this article.

How is the meow produced? Learn about the mechanics behind a cat's meow.

Cat Health and Biology

The feline mating game. How do cats in heat behave? Here's an article that will shed some light.

How long are cats pregnant? This article answers this question.

Distemper in cats. Learn about this potentially fatal feline disease.

Pain relief for cats. Your cat does not have to suffer. There are different alternatives to alleviate pain. Do consult your vet to determine an appropriate treatment for your cat.

Alternative medicine for cats. Learn about the different types of alternative medicine for felines.

Cat Nutrition

The importance of a balanced cat diet. Learn how to provide your cat with a healthy diet.

Cat Training

Tips to leash-train your cat and choose the right leash. Yes, you can teach your cat to walk on a leash. Learn all about it here.

Choosing a cat harness for your kitty. Also learn about the different types of cat harnesses.

Cat scratching. This article provides you with several solutions to your problem.

Five Commands Your Cat Can Learn. Here are five simple tricks you can teach your feline.

Cat Behavior

Fighting cats. Why do cats fight? How do you separate brawling cats? Should you intervene? Learn about cat fights here.

Gift ideas inspired by cats fighting. Fun gift ideas for cat lovers inspired by quarreling felines.

Cat Myths, Legends and Folklore

Bastet - The Egyptian cat goddess. Learn more about this feline deity (also known as Bast), the Egyptian goddess of protection and fertility.

Mafdet - The Egyptian cheetah goddess. She was the earliest of the feline goddesses of Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Cats. Mystical and mysterious, Egyptian cats capture cat lovers' imaginations like no other.

Cat myths, misconceptions and legends. There are many myths about cats. This article outlines some of them.

Cat superstitions. Cats seems to be the inspiration of many a superstition. Learn more about the different beliefs surrounding felines since ancient times.

Cat lore. Cats appear in the folklore of many cultures both ancient and modern, including Indonesia and Egypt.

It's Raining Cats and Dogs. Learn about the possible origins of this popular phrase.

Cats in Art and Literature

Cats in art. Learn about the presence and influence of cats in art.

Literary cats. Cats have inspired many a writer. Feline appear in songs, novels, and short-stories.

Cat Articles by The Daily Cat

Go Green!. Tips to help you make the transition to a greener lifestyle for you and your cat.

Cat Names

Cat names inspired by literary cats. Don't settle for a so-so cat name. Give your cat a creative and unique name. Get inspired by these literary cats.

Cat names - Sources of inspiration. If you are looking for unique cat names, check this article and find ideas galore.

Names for kittens. Stuck in your search for kitten names? Want a unique cat name? Find lots of ideas here.

More kitten names. Naming that special cat is no easy task. Find kitten name ideas here.

Black cat names. Find names for your beautiful black cat or kitten.

More names for black cats. If you want a black cat name that is out of the ordinary, check the names here.

Female cat names. Do you have a new girl cat on your life? Looking for the perfect name for her? Check out the names listed here.

Girl cat names. If you need to find a name for your girl cat, this articles provides you with several ideas.

Male cat names. Need help finding a name for your male cat? This article offers several ideas.

Boy cat names. If you just adopted a male cat or kitten and are looking for a name, check the names listed in this article.

Bengal cat names. Name ideas for that wild cat.

Tuxedo cat names. Looking for a name for a tuxedo. Here's a list of names celebrating black and white felines.

Siamese cat names. The regal Siamese cat deserves a name fit for a king or queen. Find lots of ideas for Siamese cat names here.

Looking for a gray cat name? Just because a name is inspired by gray things doesn't mean that it has to be dull.

Oriental cat names Find exotic and beautiful names inspired by oriental names and places. An oriental cat name is a great choice, even if your cat is not oriental.

White cat names The magical beauty of white cats and kittens deserves an equally majestic name. Find lots of names for white cats here.

Blue cat names Are you looking for a name for your blue cat? Or maybe you just love the color blue? In any case, check the blue cat names listed here.

Persian cat names Persian cats are one of the most popular purebred cats. Find names for Persian cats and kittens here.

Cute cat names Find here lots of cute names for cats and kittens.

Magical cat names Cats are certainly magical creatures, so here's a list of magical names for cats.

For additional cat names, check our cat names guide where you'll find lots of of cat name ideas.

Cat Gift Ideas

...And if you need more cool gift ideas for cat lovers check these cat articles:

Gift ideas for cat lovers and their cats

More Cat Lover Gifts

Tuxedo Cat Gifts

Bengal Cat Gifts

Siamese Cat Gifts

Calico cat gifts

A Unique Gift for a Special Person

Steuben Crystal Cat – A cat loving Pope and the perfect gift for him: a Steuben curious crystal cat.

Cat and pet resources

For more cat articles and to obtain more great information about cats and other pets, please visit:

Great Pet Owners: A place to go for people who are passionate about their pets. Get information and articles on pets, pet care, health, animal trivia, e-books and more, and become a GREAT pet owner.

The Cat Health Guide
A good source for information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of common feline illnesses.

All about cats: From choosing a cat to caring for your kitten, and much more.

My Healthy Cat – Cat health and cat supplies information for the longtime cat lover and the new cat owner. Tips to keep your cat or kitten healthy and happy.

New cat articles are added often, so make sure to visit back!

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Quotes about cats

Facts about the always interesting house cat

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