Cat Grooming Supplies

The right cat grooming supplies will help you keep your kitty in top shape. So how do you find the best cat grooming tools? There are different pet grooming tools to choose from, so searching for the right ones may take some time. To help you in your search, we've put together a list of pet grooming supplies that will help you take care of your kitty. He will surely look his best!

Cats are well-known for their cleanliness and grooming habits. They wash themselves constantly. They can be very fastidious!

There are times, however, when cats need our help. For example, your cat might have seriously matted hair, or he may have a substance sticking to his fur. One option is to take your cat to a professional groomer. The other option is to do the grooming yourself. If you prefer to do the grooming yourself, please read on.

Cat grooming supplies for a healthy coat

Here are some tips to help you select the right cat grooming supply for you and your cat:

Combs and brushes

Among the best tools that will help your cat maintain a healthy and shiny coat are combs and brushes. Brushing your cat on a regular basis will reduce hairball build-up and will keep kitty’s coat in top condition. Brushing prevents matting and other hair problems. Furthermore, brushing sessions are excellent bonding opportunities.

So how do you go about selecting the right brush and/or comb for your cat? It all depends on the needs of your cat. For example, cats with long hair will need a different type of brush and/or comb than the one that a cat with shorter hair would need.

By the way, combs are great for flea control, removing matted fur, and general grooming. Brushes are great for removing dead skin and loose hairs. In addition, they give cats a good massage.

Tips to consider when selecting the right comb:

-- The best choice is a stainless steel comb.

-- Consider the size of the comb's teeth. Some combs have very fine teeth while others have thicker teeth. The ideal comb is one that has a section with fine teeth and another section with coarse, thick teeth.

-- Ensure that the teeth are not too sharp. They could hurt your cat.

-- The right comb should be easy to use and handle.

Here's more information about cat combs

Factors to keep in mind when selecting cat brushes:

-- Consider the type of the brush: There are wire brushes, rubber brushes, and plastic brushes. There are even palm brushes.

-- Make sure that the bristles are not too sharp.

-- Consider the needs of your cat: Wire brushes are better for long-haired cats as they will help prevent matting and knotting. Soft brushes are better for cats with short hair.

-- A good idea is to have several brushes around the house. This way you don’t have to lose precious time looking for a brush during the grooming session.

Bathing supplies

Sometimes cats need a grooming session that goes beyond a good brush. Maybe they get too dirty, their hair gets matted, or they get a tough-to-remove substance on their coats. If you want to take care of this situation yourself (instead of taking your cat to a professional pet groomer), then you will need the following cat grooming supplies:

-- Shampoo: There are different cat shampoos out there. You’ll find flea and tick control shampoos, shampoos especially made for kittens, and even organic shampoos. You can also buy a set of cat shampoo and conditioner.

-- Waterless shampoo: This is a perfect alternative for cats who don’t like water (that would be most of them, I know). You can find spray-type shampoos as well as powder shampoos.

-- Grooming washcloths: Don’t have time to bathe you cat? Consider using grooming wipes.

-- Grooming towels: These are great to dry kitty after a nice bath.

Ear and eye care

You can find several cat grooming supplies that will help your cat keep her ears and eyes healthy. And, you can easily find these supplies at several trusted online stores. There are, for example, pet ear cleaners, antiseptics, ear wipes and pads.

Eye wipes help you safely remove dried discharges from your cat’s eye area. You can also find eye drops especially designed for cats and dogs.

Dental health

Dental health is essential to your cat’s overall health. So it is important to help your cat keep those pearly whites in good condition. The good news is that there are toothbrushes, as well as toothpaste, especially made for cats. And you can easily find these products online.

An alternative to using a regular cat toothbrush is to use a finger toothbrush. These brushes look like small tubes you place at the tip of your finger. You can also find dental chew toys made for cats. These toys help remove tartar from your pet’s teeth.

Cat grooming supplies: Nail trimming

Cats are not too fond of having their nails trimmed. They would rather sharpen their nails by scratching every piece of furniture we own. Training your cat to use a scratching post is a great alternative that can certainly help save your furniture.

Trim your cat’s nails regularly, even if he or she doesn’t like it. You can find a wide selection of nail clippers online. You can even find sets of nail clippers, styptic powder, and carrying case.

More cat grooming supplies

Here are some additional grooming supplies you might need:

-- Grooming gloves: These gloves are great tools to help you remove your cat’s excess hair. This is also an alternative for cats who don’t like regular brushes.

-- Hair removal tools: It’s tough to remove cat hair. Lint removers and brushes can be of great help.

-- Shed control: You can find several products especially designed to prevent and/or reduce shedding.

Gift idea

Prepare a pet gift basket including the cat grooming supplies described in this page. Also, include a book about cat care. By the way, this is an excellent gift idea for new cat owners.

And don’t forget to include treats for both cats and their human companions.

For cat gift basket theme ideas, visit our cat gift basket page.

I hope that the information contained in this page will help you in your search to find the right pet grooming supply for your cat.

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