Cat-themed Free Ecards
for All Occasions

Send cat free ecards to your cat loving friends and put a smile on their faces.

Cat by the Window Let them know that you care for them, that you love them, and that you wish them well. They will be delighted!

Cat ecards offer a quick and easy way to celebrate any special occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and Birthdays.

But don’t stop there -
you can also send cat e cards to celebrate:

  • Big and small milestones, for example: new job, retirement, new pet, new house...

  • To mark not-so-well-known holidays (June 4th is "Hug Your Cat Day" by the way). Other unknown (and wacky) holidays include: If Pets Had Thumbs Day (March 3rd), Love a Tree Day (May 16th), and Garfield the Cat Day (June 19th).

  • To keep in touch with someone remind them that they have a special place in your heart... to wish them good luck in a new enterprise...

  • Or just because. That's right, you don't need a reason to cheer up a friend.

Ready? Let's send some free ecards today!

To send a free ecard, follow these instructions:

  • Choose an image from the gallery below by clicking on the radio button. Click on each image to see the larger version.

  • Select a stamp. You will notice that there are stamps for several special occasions: Halloween, New Year's Day, Get Well, and more.

  • Fill out the form following the instructions provided.

  • Preview your free ecard before you send it, that way you will see how your ecard will look like from the recipient's point of view. You can always make any changes before you send your ecard. Just hit the back button to return to the ecard form.

And you’re all set. It's as easy as that.

By the way, the cute model in most of these pictures is my cat Max! These are not professional shots but they are loaded with love.

You will also find below images that celebrate a few select special occasions.

I hope you enjoy sending ecards to all your cat loving friends. And since they're free, you can send as many as you want! Start spreading feline fun. It's quick, it's easy, it's fun... it's free!

Cat Ecards

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Our Cats

Mia (1998-2010)

Mia the CatMia was lovely, courageous, and one of the wisest cats I've ever met. This site is dedicated to her memory.


Max the CatMax is our very own magical cat. He loves big mouse toys and is an avid bird watcher.

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