Cat Names

20 Sources of Inspiration
and a guide to feline names

Looking for cat names? Feeling stuck? For some cat lovers, the process of selecting a unique cat name can be a bit overwhelming. But it shouldn’t be. Inspiration is everywhere.

Certainly, there are lots of cat sites devoted to cat and kitten names. You can even find books on the subject! Of course, you could spend a great deal of time going over the hundreds of names found in these sources.

You could also just pick any name and be done with it. But this method won’t please most cat lovers. Keep in mind that you must consider your kitty’s individual traits and your personal taste during the selection process.

But aside from these basics you can also consider other sources. So to help you choose the perfect name for your feline friend, here are twenty sources of inspiration for your consideration (Jump to our guide to names for cats):

  1. Physical Appearance. Of course, this is the obvious route. Unique physical traits will surely help you decide which name to choose. For example, if your cat is white you can call him or her Snowball, Snow, Clara or Icy. If your kitty is black, you can name her Smokey, Night or Onyx.

  2. Personality. Is she feisty and bold? You can name her Sassy and it will suit her fine. Happy and Sunny are great names for kitties of good disposition. Need more ideas? Consider Sweetie, Cutie and Joy for girls and Valiant, Smoochy and Cuddles for boys.

  3. Royalty. For the queens and kings of the home, you have to go to the top to find a worthy name. Queen (or Queenie), Prince, Princess, Duke and Duchess are names fit for royal cats. Also consider Sheik, Pharaoh, Emir, Lady, Countess, and Marchioness.

  4. Movies and Literature. Cats have appeared in many books and movies. Here’s a brief list: Simba, Nala (from The Lion King, already a Disney classic), Thomasina (from The Three Lives of Thomasina by Paul Gallico), Puss (from Puss in Boots by Perrault), Quaxo (Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot), Yum-Yum (from the popular "The Cat Who…" series of mystery novels by Lilian Jackson Braun) and Orlando (from Orlando, the Marmalade Cat by Kathleen Hale). T.S. Elliot’s poem Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats is a good source of unusual cat names. This article has more literary cat names.

  5. Poets and writers. Another take on literary names for cats is to consider the names of well-known writers and poets. Consider Edith (Wharton), Mark (Twain), Ralph Waldo Emerson (you get three names in one), Louisa May (Alcott), Harper Lee, and Truman (Capote), among many others.

  6. Politicians and Celebrities. This is a fertile field: Paris, Nicky, Katie, Brad, Angie, Kerry, Bill, Churchill, Cindy, Naomi…

  7. Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. Cats were considered deities by many ancient cultures. Kitty will agree that a god’s name is certainly appropriate. Consider Minerva, Venus, Titan, Zeus, Hermes and Aphrodite.

  8. Famous Cat Lovers. Name your kitty after a well-known cat lover. Consider Ernest (Hemingway), (Charles) Dickens, Colette, Winston (Churchill), Edgar (Allan Poe), Alexandre (Dumas), Harriet (Beecher Stowe), Vivica (Fox), Kim (Novak)…

  9. Cartoon Cats. Felix and Sylvester are always popular. Other popular cat cartoons include: Earl (from Mutts), Krazy Kat, Tom (from Tom and Jerry fame), and Crazy Johnny.

  10. Mythical Creatures, Legends, Fables. Want to give kitty an out-of-this-world cat name? Names of mythical creatures include Daphne (a nymph), Clio (a muse), Nereid (a sea nymph), Angel, Pegasus, Cherub, Fay, Phoenix and Pixie.

  11. Animals and Nature. These are pretty common (and popular names). But they might fit your cat just right. Examples include Bear, Koala, Panda, River, Misty, Star, Storm, and Rainbow.

  12. Art and Music. Amadeus, Berlioz, Georgia (O’Keefe), Picasso, Paloma (Picasso’s daughter), Vincent (Van Gogh), Toulouse, Johann (Sebastian Bach) come to mind.

  13. International. How do you say cat in…? Add some international flavor. You can consider the names of countries and cities like: Paris, Kenya, Nairobi, Egypt, Florence, and Sophia. Also consider Sahara and Gobi (two of the largest deserts in the world).

  14. Food and Drink. Brandy, Cupcake, Chip, Cookie, Mimosa, Nacho, Yummy… You get the idea.

  15. Singers and Actors. Does you cat have a flair for the dramatic? Consider these names: Mya, Mariah, Rihanna, Toni, Dinah, Carrie, Liza, George, Jonas, Leonardo, Toby, Tony, Tommy… the list is long.

  16. Spanish cat names. Habla español? Consider Benito, Beto, Pepe, Tito, and Tomas for boys, and Lola, Rosa, Ana, Leti, and Estela for girls.

  17. Jewels and Precious Metals. Certainly, our feline treasures deserve shiny names. Therefore, consider sparkling names such as Chrystal, Diamond, Ruby, Garnet, Onyx, Opal, Jade, Goldie, and Esmeralda (Emerald in Spanish).

  18. Egyptian-inspired cat names. Consider the names of Egyptian gods and goddesses like Bast (or Bastet), Sekhmet, Anubis, Osiris, and Isis. Also consider names of pharaohs and queens like Seti, Ramses, Tut, Cleopatra, and Nefertiti.

  19. Plants and flowers. Buttercup, Basil, Daisy, Dahlia, Hazel, Iris, Ivy, Juniper, Lily, Myrtle, Olive, Orchid and others make wonderful feline names.

  20. Fruits. Mango, Blueberry, Apple, Coco (Coconut in Spanish), and Peach (or Peaches).

I hope this suggestions encourage your creativity. You might even come up with your own categories. If you still need additional inspiration, check the following pages:

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Still need more inspiration? Keep checking back as new names and sources of inspiration will be added regularly.

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