Irish Cat Names

Irish cat names mean... magical names for your cat. Indeed, when I think of Ireland, I think of magic... and good luck.

So if you are looking for Irish or Celtic names for your cat, look no further. You will find here a list of Irish names for your cat or kitten.

Many of the Irish names listed below are presented in their original Irish form. Others are presented in their anglicized version.

Irish Cat with Shamrock

Irish Cat Names

Aednat - girl

Aidan – boy

Aideen - girl

Aileen - girl

Ailene - girl

Alana - girl

Alroy - boy

Ardan- boy

Ardeen - unisex

Art - boy

Ashling - girl

Bardan - boy

Binne - girl

Branna - girl

Brannagh - girl

Bree - girl

Brey - unisex

Bridget - girl

Caitlin – girl

Cara -girl

Carrick - boy

Cassidy - girl

Cathleen -girl

Catriona- girl

Cian - boy

Ciara - girl

Ciaran – boy

Cillian - boy

Claire - girl

Clare – girl

Cliona – girl

Coleen, Colleen - girl

Colman – boy

Colum– boy

Connall - boy

Conan– boy

Cormac, Cormack – boy

Cullen - boy

Dairinn - girl

Darcy - girl

Deirdre - girl

Derry - boy

Desmond – boy

Donn - boy

Donovan - boy

Dougal - boy

Duana - unisex

Dublin -boy

Duffy -unisex

Eamon - boy

Einin - girl

Eire -girl

Eireen - girl

Eithne - girl

Ennis - unisex

Enya - girl

Erin - girl

Ever - boy

Evin - unisex

Fenella - girl

Fianna – girl

Fina - girl

Fiona - girl

Fionnoula - girl

Flanagan - boy

Flynn - boy

Gael - boy

Glendan -boy

Hugh - boy

Ida, Ide – girl

Iona- girl

Ireland - girl

Juverna - girl

Kaitlin, Kaitlyn – girl

Kaytlin - girl

Keela – girl

Keelin - girl

Kennedy - unisex

Kerry – girl

Kiera - girl

Kieran - boy

Kiley - girl

Killian – boy

Kirby - unisex

Kyla- girl

Kyna - girl

Lee – boy

Liam - boy

Lile - girl

Lochlan - boy

Lucan - boy

Maguire - boy

Maire – girl

Malachi - boy

Manus - boy

Marta - girl

Mauris - boy

Murray -boy

Neala - girl

Neila - girl

Nessa - girl

Nevan - boy

Niall -boy

Nola - girl

Nora, Norah - gril

Noreen - girl

Nuadha- boy

Nuala - girl

Odhran – boy

Oisin - boy

Orin - boy

Oona - girl

Orlaith - girl

Orlagh - girl

Owen -boy

Peadair - boy

Pearce, Pearse - boy

Pierce – boy

Quillan - boy

Quinlan - boy

Quinn - boy

Redmond - boy

Reilly - boy

Regan - girl

Riley - boy

Riordan - boy

Ronan - boy

Rory - unisex

Ross - boy

Rowan - boy

Ryanne - girl

Seamus - boy

Sean - boy

Scully - boy

Shauna - girl

Sheenagh - girl

Sheelagh - girl

Sheila - girl

Sibeal - girl

Sinead - girl

Siobhan - girl

Sorcha -girl

Tara - girl

Teagan- girl

Tierney - boy

Tomas - boy

Tory - unisex

Turlough - boy

Tyrone - boy

Ultan - boy

Ultana - girl

Vaughan - boy

Yseult – girl

I hope this list helps you find the right Irish cat name for your kitty. Undoubtedly, Celtic cat names are not only beautiful, but unique as well. And may the name you choose bring good luck to you and your kitty.

If you still can’t decide on a name and need more ideas, check the links provided below.

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