Persian Cat Names

Persian cat names for your Persian cat

Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats. You can find Persian cats in a variety of colors and coat patterns, including white, silver, black, brown, bluepoint and calico. One of the most recognizable feature of the Persian breed is its long, thick hair. Indeed, their beauty and elegance is legendary.

If you are looking for a unique Persian cat name, look no further. Below you will find a list of Persian-inspired names for cats. Some of the names are inspired by Persians’ beautiful (and fluffy) appearance. Others are of Persian origin. I hope you enjoy going through the list. But most important, I hope you find a name that fits your Persian cat or kitten.

Names for male Persian cats

  • Adonis
  • Furby
  • Handsome
  • King
  • Lion
  • Merlin
  • Prince
  • Sultan
  • Whiskers
  • Wiz
  • Wizzard

Names for female Persian cats

  • Asia
  • Celeste
  • Belle
  • Beauty
  • Diva
  • Divine
  • Chinchilla
  • Jewel
  • Lovely
  • Majesty
  • Pallas
  • Persia
  • Princess
  • Reina (Spanish for queen)
  • Sassy
  • Sheba
  • Taffy
  • Queen
  • Queenie

Names for both male and female cats

  • Baby
  • Cottonball
  • Cotton Candy
  • Pom Pom
  • Fluff
  • Fluffy
  • Fluffiness
  • Furball
  • Fuzz
  • Fuzzy
  • Fuzz Ball

Farsi cat names

Farsi is the name of the Persian language. So to honor and celebrate Persian cats, here’s a short list of Persian names and their meaning.

  • Babri (tiger)
  • Farzan (wise)
  • Mani (jewel)
  • Naaz (beautiful)
  • Nazy (cute)
  • Pari (fairy)
  • Roshan (shining)
  • Shah (emperor, king)
  • Shir (lion)
  • Yasmin (Jasmine)

Did you find anything to your liking? I hope that at least the list got your creativity going. Maybe you can find other names that celebrate the beauty of Persian cats. Keep checking back as new names will be added frequently.

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