Bengal Cat Names

Many of the Bengal cat names listed here were inspired by Bengali names. Others were inspired by the colors these beautiful felines come in, including reddish, orange, and brown shades. Colors are always a fun source of inspiration. And yet, other names were thrown in just for fun. What about giving them a name that reminds you of their wild nature? As you can see, there are many options to choose from.

As always, remember that choosing a name for your Bengal cat is a very personal matter.

Domestic Cat, Young Brown Blotch Bengal Juvenile Running Profile

Domestic Cat, Young Brown Blotch Bengal Juvenile Running Profile
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You don’t have to necessarily choose a name that reflects your cat’s breed or appearance, even that's always a good alternative. You can also choose a name you like based on your personal preferences. You may well call your kitty Buttons or Amy or any other traditional "cat name".

Of course, it is always a good idea to consider your cat’s unique traits when choosing a name for him or her. Bengals are particularly exotic so you may want to choose a name that celebrates such uniqueness.

I do hope that the names shared here give you inspiration and help you to come up with more names.

Names for Bengal cats

The following list contains Bengali names, names of spices and colors, as well as other fun names.

A - J

Apricot Bengali Caramel
Chandra CiderCinnamon
DaliDebendra Dev
DotMr. DotsDotty
Jungle Jungle CatJungle Kitty

K - R

Kashi Leo Leopard
Leopold Lionel Lynx
PointerPunto (Spanish for point)Puntito (Spanish for little point)

S - W

Selva Spot Spots
TarakVishnu Wild Cat
Wild KittyWilde

More Bengali names

Still need more ideas? Here are more Bengal cat names inspired by Bengali names.

Bengali (or Bangla) is an Eastern, Indo-Aryan language. Its origins can be traced back to the region of Eastern South Asia known as Bengal. This region includes present day Bangladesh, the Indian state of West Bengal, and parts of the Indian states of Tripura and Assam.

If you like the exotic beauty of Bengali names, consider the following names.

Abanindra - Male Abhra - Male Ajanta - Female
Bani - FemaleBharati - FemaleBitika - Female
Brinda - FemaleChandra - Female Debendranath -Male
Ganesh - MaleGautam - MaleGobinda - Male
Gopal - MaleHara - MaleIndra - Female
Indrani - FemaleIra - FemaleIraira - Female
Isa - FemaleIsha - FemaleIshaisha - Female
Jatindra - MaleJaydeb - MaleKanai - Male
Laboni - FemaleMaitreyi - FemaleMinati - Female
Mita - FemaleNabin - MaleNand - Male
Omrita - FemaleOnima - FemaleOsoka - Female
Rabindranath - MaleRahul - MaleRaja - Male
Rajendra - MaleSagarika - FemaleSati - Female
Soti - FemaleTara - FemaleTrina - Female
Tsaru - FemaleTsondra - FemaleUkunda - Male
Upendra - MaleUtpal - MaleVishnu - Male

Bengal Kitten

Bengal cats are beautiful animals, perfect exponents of both worlds: the wild and the domestic. Obviously, they deserve to have a name that does justice to their uniqueness.

I hope that the names listed here have inspired you in your search for the perfect Bengal cat name.

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