Oriental Cat Names

Oriental cat names are the perfect answer for cat owners who want to give their kitties an exotic name. Below you will find a list of cat names inspired by oriental names and places. Some are better known than others. Many of them are unique and truly beautiful.

Before you start, do take into consideration your personal preferences, your cat’s personality, and even his or her physical appearance. Some owners of oriental cats may favor exotic names. Some people like names that complement a cat’s physical traits or personality. Others prefer names that are totally out of the ordinary. In any case, the list below is only a start.

Names for Oriental Cats

Do you have an oriental cat and are looking for an oriental cat name? The Siamese and the Burmese are two of the Oriental cat breeds. These beautiful cats certainly deserve a unique name.

Or maybe you don't have an Oriental cat but you still want a name that has some punch. Whatever the case may be, check out the names below:

Japanese Cat Names

Aiko Airi Akira
Ayako Hoshi Itsuki
Kaori Kenji Mei
Midori Miki Misaki
Naoko Noa Ninja
Ninja cat Oyuki Saki
Samurai Suzuki Yoko
Yori YuriYukari

Chinese Cat Names

An Bao Chang
Cheng Cong Fa
Jia Jing Li
Ling Lu Mei-Yin
Ming Mu Mulan
Ping Qing Rui
Song Yi

Hindu Cat Names

Abha Aditi Agni
Akhil Amar Anil
Anila Deepak Dipali
Deo Dev Ganesh
Gautama Indira Indra
Kali Kashi Kiran
Lakshmi Lalita Laxmi

Korean Cat Names

Chung-Hee Dae-Jung Hana
Jae Kim Kwan
Min Min Ki Sang Ki
Soo Jin Sun Young
Yun Yun Hee Zoo Hee

Thai Cat Names

Alak Annan Bangkok
Burut Butri Chai
Chakri Choi Kamala
Kannika Kanya Mee
Narisa Rak Sarai

Do you have a favorite name? There are many more Asian cat names; the ones listed here are just a fraction of all the available names. I hope you enjoyed going through the list. If you didn’t find the right name for your cat, at least I hope these names inspired you to come up with other names.

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