Cat pictures for every cat lover

cat pictureDo you love cats? Do you love cat pictures?

If you are looking for a special cat picture, welcome. This is a fun guide to pictures of cats.

Many cat lovers I know will surround themselves with pictures of cats.

So if you're looking for a cat lover gift, consider giving a cat-inspired picture. Cat lovers love pictures of black cats, white cats, Persian cats, all types of cats.

If you are a cat lover like me, you absolutely enjoy funny pictures of cats as well as pictures of kittens… You may even love pictures portraying cats and dogs together.

Maybe you collect them and post them everywhere, just like me. Pictures of cats and kittens make me smile.

In addition to my own cats’ pictures, I have a lot of other pictures not only at home but also at my office. I have them in my kitchen and next to my computer. These pictures always brighten my day.

A cat picture makes a wonderful present for cat lovers. Whether it is a painting, a poster or a photograph of your feline friend, a cat-themed picture is a gift that will always be cherished.

For more pictures of cats and kittens, visit the links below. Maybe you find the perfect cat gift:

Your guide to pictures of cats

The following pages are chock full of wonderful pictures of cats and kittens. Just go to each page to see lots of cat pictures.

Kitten pictures

Black and white kittens - You will love these bicolor beauties.

Cute kitten pictures - Enjoy these sweet kittens.

Cute kitten picture gallery 2 - Another fun selection of the cutest and cuddliest of felines.

Cute kitties - An adorable collection of cute kitten pics.

Funny kittens - Check out these pictures of funny kitties.

Funny kittens 2 - More pictures and gift ideas inspired by baby cats.

Funny kitten photos - You will love these funny photos of kittens.

Funny kitten pics - More funny pictures of kittens.

Funny kitten pics 2 - Another gallery showcasing humorous kittens.

Funny kitten pictures galore - Humorous pictures of kittens.

More funny kittens - Can't get enough pictures of funny kitties? Check these out.

More cute kitty pictures - Here are additional pictures of cute kittens.

Persian kitten pictures... and gift ideas to delight all your cat-loving friends.

Photos of kittens - Sweet, cute, adorable kittens.

Pictures of black kittens - Black kittens are both magical and cuddly.

Pictures of cute kittens - Pictures of cute, adorable, fluffy kittens.

Tabby kittens - pictures and gifts - Adorable little tigers.

White kittens - Posters and prints of white kitties.

White kittens galore - Another selection of pictures of white baby cats.

Black Cats

Pictures of black cats - Admire the beauty of the black cat.

More pictures of black kitties - Black cats are mysterious, elegant, otherworldly, and more.

Funny cats

A fun gallery of humorous cats - These images will put a smile on your face.

Fat kitty pictures - Adorable, "huggable", chubby felines.

Funny cat photos - Take a look at these feline photos... and smile.

Funny cats photos - More images showcasing humorous cats.

Funny pictures of cats - Enjoy these pictures featuring funny cats and kittens.

Funny cat pics - Another page filled with pics of funny kitties.

More funny cat pics - This page is packed with more funny pictures of cats and kittens.

Pictures of fat cats - Here's a gallery of pictures showcasing fat kitties.

Silly cat pics - Images of funny cats. They will put a smile on your face.

Very funny cats - Can't get enough funny cats? You will then love the pictures shown here.

Cute cats

Pictures of cute cats - Posters and art prints showcasing adorable cats and kittens.

More cute cats - More irresistible cats and kittens.

Cute cat photos - Enjoy these photos and pictures of cute cats.

Adorable cats and kittens - Here are more super cute felines.

Cute cats galore - Can't get enough of cute felines? Check out these cute cat pictures.

Pictures by Breed

Bengal cat photos - Love wild-looking felines? You'll these photos of Bengal cats.

Bengal cats - More pictures of the exotic Bengal cat.

Egyptian Mau cat-pictures - You will enjoy the beautiful images of these lovely spotted felines.

Himalayan cat-pictures - Take a look at these stunning pictures of Himalayans.

Maine Coon cat-pictures - You will love this collection of pictures celebrating these long-haired kitties.

Manx cat-pictures - Images of the unique Manx cat.

Persian cat-pictures - Images of the extremely elegant and fluffy Persian cat.

Pictures of cat breeds - Check out this gallery. It showcases pictures of different cat breeds.

Ragdoll cat photos - These photos convey the unique beauty of the Ragdoll cat.

Ragdoll cats - More pictures - More beautiful cat pictures. What a sweet cat.

Pictures of Russian Blue cats - These cat pictures capture the beauty of these blue cats.

Siamese cat photos - Lovely photos of this unique cat breed.

Pictures by Color and Coat Pattern

Black and white cats - Elegant and sophisticated beauties in black and white.

Calico cat images - A collection of pictures showcasing these beautiful tricolor felines.

More calico cat art - Here are more pictures of calico cats.

Orange cat pictures - Bring lots of light and cheer with the picture of a ginger cat.

Orange kitten pictures - You will enjoy these pictures of orange kittens.

Pictures of tabby cats - Find here a fun collection of tabby cat pics.

More pictures of tabby cats - Lovely pictures of tabbies.

Another picture gallery showcasing tabbies - For cat lovers who love tabby cats.

Tabby cat photos - Can't get enough pictures of tabbies. Here are some lovely photos of tabby cats and kittens.

Tuxedo kittens - Enjoy this mini gallery that showcases pictures of tuxedo kittens.

Tuxedo cat pics - Lovely pictures of tuxedo cats.

Cats and Dogs

Pictures of dogs and cats - Do you love both cats and dogs? You will love these pictures.

Pictures of cats and dogs - Can't get enough of cat and dog pictures? Here's another gallery showcasing our furry friends.

More pictures of dogs and cats - A wonderful collection of dog and cat images.

Cat and dog pictures - Gift ideas featuring pictures of cats and dogs.

Dogs and cats pictures - More gift ideas and pictures featuring dogs and cats.

Dog and cat art - More pictures of felines and canines.

Funny cats and dogs - Images of our funny pets.

Funny dogs and cats - More funny pictures of canines and felines.


Christmas pictures of cats - Get into the Christmas spirit with these fun pictures.

Halloween pictures of cats - Check out these posters and art prints celebrating cats and Halloween.

Pictures of Alice and the Cheshire cat - Beautiful illustrations of these beloved characters.

More pictures of the Cheshire cat - A whimsical collection of images of Alice and the grinning cat.

General photos of cats - A fun look at cats through the photographer's lens.

Also check the art store below for more ideas...

Gift Ideas using pictures of cats

cat pictureAs previously mentioned, cat posters, cat photographs, cat paintings and cat prints make perfect cat lover gifts. Personally, I can never have enough of them. In addition to these wonderful gifts, here's a list of other gift ideas.

Gifts with pictures of cats

One of the advantages of giving a present inspired on cat pictures is that there are several options to choose from. You can give, for example, books of cat photography, ceramics with painted cats, and drawings of cats. You can even have a portrait of your cat commissioned.

Other gift ideas inspired by cat pictures include: calendars showcasing cats, items personalized with cat pictures, such as mugs, magnets, bookmarks, photo albums, and scrapbooks. Cat-themed clothing and home accessories are also popular.

Picture frames

A great idea is to give a nice picture of your own cat or your friend’s cat and frame it in a cute cat-themed picture frame. You can customize the picture frame depending on the occasion (i.e. Christmas, birthday, New Year’s Day, etc.). You can find a wide variety of pictures frames to choose from, from elegant and sophisticated to fun and whimsical.

Greeting cards

Another great idea is to use you cat’s pictures as greeting cards. This is a great idea for any occasion and it’s perfect to accompany any cat lover gift!

You can do your own greeting cards with easy-to-use computer software. Furthermore, many online stores allow you to create your own design using your pictures. These stores also allow you to select different kinds of paper. Or, you can go to any stationary store and get any type of paper you like and create a handmade card using a cat photo. I enjoy sending Christmas cards I make using my kitties' pictures. It’s fun and it allows you to explore your creativity.

A puzzling gift

Print out a feline picture and make a puzzle. This is an easy, fun and inexpensive project for kids too. Basically, what you need is a nice cat picture, paper, scissors, cardboard, glue and a printer.

After you print the picture, place it on a piece of cardboard (add glue to the cardboard before hand). Unleash your creativity and cut the picture into different pieces. The pieces can be large or small.

CAUTION: if children are participating in the project, make sure an adult is always supervising them. Use safe scissors especially made for kids.

Get inspired

Make a collage of different pictures of your friend’s cat, frame it and give it as a gift. If your friend has several pets, make a collage combining pictures of all of your friend's pets.
Pictures of Cats: The best pictures and facts - about cats and for cats.

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