Dog and Cat Art

Dog and cat art is a great gift idea for people who love both cats and dogs. So if you're looking for pet lover gifts, consider art inspired by dogs and cats.

So do cats and dogs get along? Many pet parents cat attest to the fact that peace can actually exist in households with both cats and dogs. So the short answer to the question is yes, cats and dogs can be friends (despite the bad rep). Of course, sometimes you have to play the peacemaker, but it is possible.

In addition, cats and dogs make great subjects for artists. It’s no wonder that dogs and cats appear together in different types of artwork, including posters, paintings, photographs, and even sculptures and figurines.

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the United States, so if you are looking for pet lover gift ideas, look no more. Here are several dog and cat art gift ideas for your consideration.

Here are a few cute dog and cat pictures.

Enjoy these funny cats and dogs.

More funny dogs and cats.

Dog and cat art

You can find dog and cat inspired art in varying prices, but you will certainly find a unique piece that will fit your budget. Art inspired by dogs and cats include:


--Paintings and prints


--Figurines and statues

Also consider:

--Dog and cat calendars

--Greeting cards featuring cats and dogs

Artists who have painted dogs and cats include:

--Franz Marc (1880-1916), a German painter and printmaker, he was one of the main artists of the German Expressionist movement. A Dog, a Fox and a Cat is one of his best known dog and cat painting.

--The Japanese illustrator Ryo Takagi (b. 1971). His Cat, Dog and Butterfly is one of my favorites.

-- Swiss artist Theophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859 – 1923). His painting Cats and Dogs shows a beautiful young woman surrounded by cats and dogs.

--Artist Kayla Garraway. I love her work titled Dogs and Cats.

This is only a very small list. I’ll add more information soon, so keep checking back. And by the way, you can find fine reproductions of the works mentioned here.

More gift ideas

Pet Portraits

A work of art immortalizing your dog and cat is the best gift of them all. You can find several artists online who specialize in pet portraiture. For more information visit our pet portraits page.

Make your own gifts

If you want to explore your creativity, create your own gifts using pictures of your cats and dogs. Making your own gifts can save you some money too. Here are some ideas:

--Design your own greeting cards using your pets’ (or your friend’s pets’) pictures.

--Take a picture (or two!), place it in a nice frame and give it as a gift.

--Make a collage of pictures of your cats and dogs (or use the pictures of your friend’s pets – if the gift is for her).

For more personalized gift ideas using your pet's pictures visit our cat photos page.

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