Cat Jewelry:
A Charming Cat Lover Gift

Dazzle your cat loving friends with a unique piece of cat jewelry. There is a wide variety of pieces of cat lovers jewelry to choose from, including cat charms, cat necklaces, cat collars, cat earrings, and much more!

The gift of cat theme jewelry is not only special and beautiful, but it’s also perfect to celebrate any occasion: Christmas, Birthday or Graduation, to name a few.

A carefully chosen piece of cat jewelry will be greatly cherished by the recipient. Indeed, a gift of cat theme jewelry will show your friends that you care for them deeply.

Animal jewelry

cat jewelry ring holderSince ancient times, jewelry has been a favorite form of adornment for men and women. Indeed, animals have been a source of inspiration for artists and jewelers throughout history. Interestingly, cat inspired jewelry and artifacts were favored in Ancient Egypt, where cats were worshiped.

Animals have been admired for their strength, beauty and other qualities. Many cultures believe that animals embody specific and unique attributes such as courage, loyalty, strength, and protection. Again, artists and craftspeople have portrayed these qualities through different art works and crafts, including jewelry.

Not surprisingly, animal jewelry has always been very popular. Nowadays, you can find beautiful pieces depicting animals off line and online.

Cat jewelry, just as animal jewelry, has become increasingly popular. Gorgeous and unique cat-inspired pieces can be found online, at affordable prices.

Dazzle all your cat loving friends

Do you want to dazzle, captivate and enchant that special cat lover in your life? A carefully selected gift of cat jewelry will certainly do the trick!

Since individual taste is very unique, here you will find several tips and ideas to help you select the perfect piece of cat jewelry. You can find beautiful pieces that range from the whimsical to the sophisticated, and from the elegant to the unusual. You will surely find something that will please that special cat lover on your list.

In addition to the extensive variety of styles and designs, you will also find that many cat jewelry pieces fit most budgets. So let’s start with a few suggestions to help you select the perfect gift of cat jewelry.

Cat Lovers Jewelry

With so many options, where do we start? First, let's narrow the search...

Gift ideas for women

Before starting the selection process ask yourself a few questions:

Is she sophisticated and elegant? Does she favor simplicity? Or will she enjoy a fun piece that’s out of the ordinary?

You can easily find pieces that are stylish and beautiful. Many online stores offer cat-inspired jewelry pieces such as:

  • Necklaces: Cat-inspired necklaces make fun gifts, and you can never have too many of these!

  • Cat pins: These pieces are fun because you can wear them on your clothes or pin them on your purse. You can even start a cat pin collection.

  • Charms: A cat-themed charm is a great idea for both beginners and serious collectors. There is a wide selection of materials such as gold, pewter, and glass. If your budget allows it, buy a high-end charm. Charms encrusted with semi-precious and precious stones make an excellent gift!

  • Cat earrings: You can find truly unique designs. Many online stores carry funky, modern, and ethnic-inspired designs.

  • Cat rings: A cat ring is an elegant cat lover gift for very special occasions. Whether the gift is to celebrate a birthday, a graduation or any other noteworthy date, a cat ring makes the perfect choice.

  • Cat brooches: These pieces are very versatile. You can wear them in the traditional way, or you can wear them in a hat or use them as home decorating accessories. For example, you can pin them on a decorative pillow or cushion.

  • Cat bracelets: A great idea is to give a charm bracelet. Maybe you can help your friend start a collection of cat-themed bracelets!

Whimsical Animal Watches
Gift ideas for men

If the present is for men, then you can give cat-themed pieces such as:

  • Unique cufflinks
  • Fun watches
  • Tie pins

Looking for cat themed watches?

Check out these cat-inspired time pieces:

White Cat Baby Blue Leather And Goldtone Watch #G0120014

From: Whimsical Watches Inc.

Siamese Cat Yellow Leather And Goldtone Watch #G0120007

From: Whimsical Watches Inc.

Gift ideas for kids

There are many inexpensive selections of cat jewelry that will certainly delight the children, such as: fun watches for the boys, bejeweled hair accessories, charm bracelets, and necklaces for the girls.

Unique cat lover jewelry - gift ideas

  • Give a bejeweled cat-inspired picture frame!

  • The gift of a cat-themed locket is another great idea for any cat lover.

Pet Jewelry for Cats

Let’s not forget about our beloved feline friends. They can also be stylish. And depending on how much you want to spend, you can find cute pieces of that vary in price:

  • Cat collars: These pieces make a great cat lover gift idea for your own cat or any cat lover's cat.

    You can find adjustable nylon collars that come with safety buckles. This is an excellent feature if the collar gets caught. The safety buckle is especially designed to open loose to allow you cat to slip free.

    For added safety, many collars are made of reflective materials. This is a great feature if your kitty spends a great deal of time outdoors, particularly at night.

    For the fashion-conscious pet, a fancy designer cat collar is a great gift. These pieces come in different materials, from faux fur to denim. Many pieces also come encrusted with crystals and rhinestones.

  • Pet Tags: A pet id tag allows you to protect and identify your pet. It is a good idea to have important information engraved on the tag such as the pet's name and your contact information. This is crucial if your cat gets lost. Most stores let you engrave this information on the tag.

    Pet tags also come in different materials such as metal or plastic. A pet tag is a great idea for any cat, particularly for cats that are let outdoors. You can even find reflective pet tags, which allow your cat to be seen at night.

  • Cat Necklaces: Kitty will look absolutely stunning in a carefully selected cat necklace. The good news is that she can look stylish and elegant without breaking the bank. You can find gorgeous pieces at affordable prices.

  • Pet Charms: Enhance any cat collar with a pet charm especially designed for pet collars.

  • Leads and harnesses: You can find leashes and harnesses especially designed for cats. Visit our cat leash page here for more information on cat leashes and leash-training your cat.

    More cat jewelry gift ideas

    Give unique pieces of jewelry inspired by felines. Here are some ideas:

    Cat's Eye Originals

    Cat's Eye Originals unique pieces make great cat gifts. You can find them now at two locations:

    ArtFire Store

    Etsy Store

    Rickson Jewellery

    Rickson Cat Jewellery

    Rickson is an independent jewellery artist passionate about creating high quality, unique creations in precious metals and gemstones. She works exclusively with the lost wax casting technique which means she carves her ideas in wax and then casts them in the desired metal. Also a portion of all Cat Lover sales will be donated to the Toronto Humane Society. What a perfect way to get a lovely gift for yourself or for a friend and help some animals in need.

    Rickson Jewellery

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