Plush Cats

Plush cats are a great gift idea for cat lovers of all ages. Adults and kids alike will welcome the gift of a soft, huggable kitty.

And luckily, there is a wide array of stuffed toys to choose from, at affordable prices.

Stuffed cats also come in different sizes and colors, so you will certainly find something that will delight all the cat lovers in your life.

Plush and Soft

Plush (the word is derived from the French peluche) is a fabric with a long soft nap similar to fur. Plush also has a longer pile than velvet.

white plush cat toyOriginally, the pile of plush was made of mohair or worsted yarn, but now the pile is made of silk (either by itself or with a cotton backing). Modern plush is usually made of synthetic fibers like vinyl and polyester. Plush is used in clothing, upholstery, and toy making.

Plush animals, including cats, are very popular collector’s items. Among the favorite collector's items are the plush versions of movie cats and cartoon cats. Needless to say, stuffed cats make nice gifts for cat lovers.

A few gift ideas

Life like plush cats: You can give stuffed cats that look like the real thing. You can find realistic kittens as well as adult cats. And they come in different poses. Indeed, this is a fun gift for kids of all ages.

Plush Backpacks and purses: These make non-traditional plush cat gifts. A fun idea is to give a cat-themed plush purse or backpack. These make great gifts for children. I particularly like The Cat in the Hat plush backpacks.

Gifts by breed and coat type: You can find cuddly Siamese cats, Persian cats, Himalayan cats, Calico cats, Tabby cats, and much more. So if you can’t give the real thing as a present, give a plush purebred cat instead.

Wild Cats: If you or the cat lovers on your list also love big cats, you can find plush tigers and lions. These stuffed cats are always popular and are easy to find. But don't stop there, you can find cheetahs, panthers, cougars, linx and more.

Literary Cats: Does you friend love reading and cats? Do you want to give a unique cat gift? What about a Cat in the Hat plush toy or a plush Cheshire cat?

Plush-cat keychain: This is another fun and affordable gift idea for cat lovers of all ages. And, you can find several designs to choose from.

Cartoon Cats: The gift of a plush Felix the Cat or a Garfield is a fun gift for cat lovers who also love cartoon cats. Other cartoon cats include Sylvester the Cat and Hello Kitty.

Movie Cats: I own a plush doll of Nala from The Lion King. Does your friend have a favorite movie cat? Plush dolls of Garfield, Felix the Cat, and the Aristocats - among others - make wonderful gifts.

Plush Toys for Your Cat

Your kitty will also enjoy the gift of a plush toy. This is a perfect idea for older and/or less active cats and kittens.

For additional information go to our plush cat toy page.

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