Facts about Cats

I enjoy learning new facts about cats. How much do you know about cats? Cats are fascinating creatures and there’s lots of information about them. You’ll find entire books, magazines and websites devoted to cats.

And the information on felines is so varied.

You will find information about cats' anatomy and health, and about their history and behavior.

You will also find articles - and even books - about their influence on popular culture, art and so much more.

Here are a few pages devoted to cat information, facts and trivia:

Cat facts can be interesting, fun, and even quite incredible. For example, did you know that different kittens of the same litter can have different fathers? And did you know that female cats can have from 3 to 7 kittens every four months? Incredible but true. And did you know that cats can’t see things directly in front of their noses? Poor things.

If you love learning new things about cats, or you just love cats, you will have fun with the following facts about cats.

Cat Facts

Here are some general facts about cats:

--Cats have become one of the most popular pets in the United States. Some argue that they are the most popular pet, even more so than dogs.

--Most calico cats are female. Male calico cats are extremely rare and they are usually sterile.

-- Just like with our domestic cats, the "catnip response" also occurs in the big cats, including tigers, leopards, and lions.

--Cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day.

--Indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats.

--Even though cats are obligate carnivores (meaning that they primarily eat meat), they also like munching on grass as it helps them digest their food.

--The African wildcat is believed to be the cat’s ancestor.

--Experts don’t agree on the mechanics of the cat’s purr. They do agree that cats purr to express strong emotions, both positive and negative.

--Studies have shown that stroking a cat is beneficial for both the cat and the human as such action relieves stress.

--Contrary to popular belief, cats not always land on their feet.

Facts about cats anatomy and health

--Interestingly, cats have three blood types: A, B and AB. Most cats have blood type A.

--Cats have a highly developed night vision. However, in daylight their vision is not as good.

--All cats are born with blue eyes, which change at around 12 weeks of age.

--Cats use their whiskers to determine distances.

--Indoor cats live an average of 15 years. But there have been reports of cats living 35 years and more.

--Interestingly, felines walk on their toes.

--Cats’ sense of smell is much more developed than humans’, but it’s less sensitive than that of dogs.

--A cat’s hearing is much more developed than a dog’s. In fact, cats can hear ultrasonic sounds.

--On average, the body temperature of a cat is 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

--Several house plants are poisonous to cats, including Easter Lily, Mistletoe, Oleander, Primrose, and Philodendron.

Fun and interesting fact about cats

--Sir Isaac Newton, a cat lover himself, created the cat door.

--Cats are never mentioned in the Bible.

--The cat does not appear in the Chinese Zodiac.

--The cat is one of the twelve animals of the Vietnamese Zodiac.

--Pet food makers have tried to produce mouse-flavored (!) cat food. However, all attempts have been unsuccessful as cats have refused to eat it.

--The first cat show ever took place in London at the Crystal Palace in 1871.

--In America, the first cat show was held at Madison Square Garden in 1895.

--Cats rarely meow among themselves. In fact, many experts believe that cats vocalize in an effort to communicate with humans.

--The calico cat is the official cat of the state of Maryland.

--Most cats don’t like strong smells, such as those produced by cinnamon, lemons and oranges.

Fun cat-related words

--Ailurophilia: The love of cats.

--Ailurophobia: The fear of cats.

--Kindle: The term used to describe a group of kittens.

--Clowder: The term used to describe a group of cats.

Cat facts: Art and pop culture

--Cats are protagonists of many cartoons, including Garfield, Heathcliff, Felix the Cat, and Sylvester the Cat.

--Cats have also appeared in literary works, including: Puss in Boots, the Cheshire cat, and The Cat in the Hat, among many others.

--The first animated cartoon cat was Krazy Kat.

--Many famous painters depicted cats in their works. Some famous "cat artists" include: Manet, Renoir, Goya, and Warhol.

Still looking for an interesting cat fact? Keep checking back, more facts about cats coming soon.

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