Cat Kitten Magazines:

a wonderful and fun gift!

Cat kitten magazines provide you with a wonderful, affordable and fun way to keep yourself and your cat loving friends informed and entertained at the same time.

Cat magazines bring you the latest news, information, and updates about cat health, cat food, cat behavior, and cat care in general. Indeed, cat kitten magazines offer excellent, up-to-date, and expert information.

Cat fact: A cat's hearing is much more developed than that of humans and dogs.

There are many good reasons to read a cat-kitten magazine:

  1. Do you want to join a larger community of cat lovers? A cat magazine allows you to do so.

  2. Do you or your friends want to learn more about cats? A cat magazine lets you explore a wide selection of topics.

  3. Do you want the best for your feline friend? Cat magazines offer reviews on pet products.

Fun ways to give a cat magazine

  • Give a copy of a cat magazine by itself or give it along with another cat gift such as a cat calendar or a cat picture frame.

  • If you decide to give a single copy, then a fun way to give a magazine is to include it in a gift basket.

  • Delight your friends with a surprise gift subscription.

  • If your friend has recently adopted a cat or kitten, then the gift of a cat magazine makes a perfect gift. Your friend will find plenty of information about cat and kitten care.

  • A cat magazine is also an excellent gift for those who are planning to adopt a cat. A magazine will provide them with great tips on adoption and general cat care.

A list of well-known cat kitten magazines

Cat MagazineThe cat and kitten magazines presented here have something for everyone. You’ll find articles about breeds, behavior, and bonding with your pet. These cat magazines also cover cat related topics such as kitten care, cat health, cat shows, etc.

Take a moment to browse through the cat magazines below. We are sure you’ll find the perfect cat magazine that will suit your cat-loving friend’s interests. No matter which one you choose, a cat magazine is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here's the list:

  • Cats & Kittens- This is a bimonthly magazine. It has in-depth information about cat care in general. You’ll also find funny articles about cats.

  • Cat Fancy- It offers authoritative information about cat behavior, nutrition tips, and healthcare advice. Great magazine.

  • Catnip- This is the monthly report from the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. It gives diet and health information and it offers insights on product safety.

  • Catwatch Newsletter- This newsletter provides information about cat health and behavior.

  • I Love Cats- You’ll find articles about breeding, nutrition, healthcare and pet supplies.

And if you want to learn more about pets in general, visit Mama Knows Pets, a great place to find guides to pet issues.

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