Products for Cat Lovers

Collectibles, essential cat items, fun stuff, and more

If you are looking for products for cat lovers, whether for yourself or for your cat loving friends, you’ll love the ideas presented on this page. Some are necessary items for your cat, others are just plain fun.

Cat supplies make a very practical cat lover gift. A great gift idea is to give a cat gift basket filled with essential cat accessories and a few fun items. This would be a wonderful gift for a new cat owner. Here are more ideas to make gift baskets for cat lovers.

Cool cat lover products

Cats have become the most popular pet in America (at least they’re a tie with dogs), so you can find an ample variety of feline inspired products out there. And best of all, many products for cat lovers are budget-friendly. Needless to say, these products for cat lovers make great gifts.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas:

Essential products for cat lovers

Some cat items are necessary to help you take good care of your cat. Essential products include: cat supplies, flea control products, cat beds, scratching posts, and cat carriers. Here are more ideas:

Cat water bowls are necessary cat accessories and come in different styles and colors. From inexpensive plastic bowls to hand-painted ceramic bowls, you'll find the perfect article for your cat. Our cat water bowls page will give you plenty of ideas.

Cat food bowls are also essential cat items for cat lovers. Again, they come in a wide selection of designs and shapes. You can even find automatic feeders, which are very convenient. Visit our cat food bowls page for more information.

Cat grooming products

A cat comb is an essential tool for the proper care of your cat. The good news is that there are many options to choose from.

Cat combs guide. This page is filled with suggestions to help you find the right pet comb for your cat.

Collectibles and home accessories

Cat collectibles are sought after the world over. And they make great wonderful cat gifts for avid collectors as well as amateurs. Some of my favorite collectibles include cat-themed music boxes, teapots, and cat figurines.

And for the home, you can find a wide variety of cat items, including decorative cat plates, kitchen canisters, shower curtains, and much more.

Green pet products

Do you have an "eco pet"? If you are trying to introduce your pet to a "greener" lifestyle but don't know where to start, here are some ideas:

  • Buy eco-friendly cat litter

  • Give your pet organic food

  • Buy recycled cat toys

  • Buy earth-friendly cleaning and grooming products

Luckily, many of these cat lover products are easily found online and most are budget-friendly.

Fun cat lover products

Give something just for fun! Cat-themed apparel and knick-knacks make fun gifts for cat lovers of all ages. Here are some suggestions:

Here are more ideas:

-- Cat clothing makes a fun gift for cat lovers. And if you’re looking for clothes for your cat, then check our pet clothing page here.

--And if you celebrate Halloween, check these Halloween costumes for cats. Your kitty will look so cute...

--You can also look great this Halloween. Here are some fun Cheshire cat costumes you will enjoy.

--Here are more cat costumes to choose from.

Christmas products for cat lovers

If you want to get ready for Christmas and are looking for Christmas related items, check these cat Christmas stocking ideas. There you will find tips on how to make your stockings unique and fun.

If you are looking for Christmas cards for your cat loving friends, check the following pages:

Unique pet products and services

If you're looking for a practical product, then check the following. Some of the products mentioned here make great gifts for cat and pet lovers:

High Quality Pet Steps. These hand-painted, one-of-a-kind pet steps will delight any pet lover and will certainly look good in any spot in your home. Check them out! Here you'll find complete care kits for cats and dogs, which include all the tools needed for the daily basic grooming of your pet.

How R u Feline? Cards

Looking for unique cat cards? Check these out:

How R U Feline? - Emotional wisdom from a cat perspective depicted on eco-friendly greeting cards- hand-drawn, designed, and printed in the USA. Here are a few of the designs:

Check back often as we add new products for cat lovers periodically. And I hope the ideas presented here help you find the right cat lover product for you, your cat, and/or your cat loving friends.

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