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Cat clothing has become increasingly popular among cat lovers. You’ll easily find a wide variety of cat-themed apparel, online and offline. Undoubtedly, cat-inspired clothing makes a fun and practical cat lover gift.

Animal lovers enjoy wearing items decorated with cute animals, no wonder pet clothing has grown in popularity. Animal lovers love giving and receiving animal-themed clothing and accessories. And cat lovers are not the exception.

Since there is a wide selection of cat-themed items to choose from, it will be fairly easy to find something that will please your friends.

Indeed, there is something for everyone. From funky hats to snugly pajamas and from fun t-shirts to elegant sweaters, you will find the perfect piece of clothing to please every cat lover on your list. In addition, a gift of cat-themed clothing is great for any occasion.

Not sure what to give to that special cat lover in your life? Read on, here are some ideas to help you in your search.

A few gift ideas…

  • Loungewear makes a wonderful cat lover gift. These pieces of clothing are not only comfortable, but also let you express your love of cats (in the comfort and privacy of your home).

  • Want to give something unique? Personalize it! Have the name of your friend’s pet printed on a hat or sweatshirt. Your friend will certainly be delighted. See below for more ideas you can use to personalize your gifts.

  • The gift of cat-themed clothing is a great idea for kids too! Cat socks are great gifts for kids of all ages. Furthermore, cat socks make fun and inexpensive gifts, which is perfect if you are on a budget.

My favorite cat clothing items

Pajamas: Cat-themed pajamas are not only comfy but lots of fun too!

Cat t-shirts: This is a very popular item among cat lovers. Customized cat t-shirts are my favorite! Many online stores allow you to personalize your t-shirt.

Sweaters: You can certainly find cat-themed sweaters that please most tastes.

Halloween costumes: Though not strictly clothing, cat-themed costumes are among my favorite.

Unique clothing items

If you want to give a gift that is out of the ordinary, consider giving personalized clothing using your cat photos (or if the gift if for a friend, use his/her pet's photos). Many online stores allow you to upload your own pictures and personalize sweatshirts, aprons, hats, and of course, t-shirts.

Other accessories you can personalize include: throws, tote bags, and even jewelry.

Learn how to make gifts using cat photos following the information on this page.

Clothing for kitty

Yes, let's not forget about kitty. That's right, there is pet clothing especially designed for cats. From sweaters to dresses, you'll find cat clothes to please your furry friend.

You can also find a wide range of Halloween costumes for kitty as well as accessories, such as collars and leashes. For additional information, visit our pet clothing page.

Need more cat clothing ideas?

Here is a list of cat-inspired clothing items and accessories you can easily find online and offline:

  • Cat-themed hats
  • Slipper socks
  • Cat-themed blouses
  • Cat-inspired shirts
  • Skirts
  • Tops
  • Sports wear
  • Lounge wear
  • Vests
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets
  • Nightshirts
  • Eye wear
  • Cat purses
  • Cat bags

And for the home, you can find cat-themed items, such as:

  • Pillows
  • Throws
  • Bath towels
  • Kitchen towels

I hope the ideas presented in this article help you find the perfect gift of cat clothing and accessories.

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