Types of Cats

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Types of cats are many, do you have a favorite? Cats come in different shapes, sizes and personalities.

Probably you know that there are different cat breeds, but did you know that there are different cat types as well?

Some of these cat types occur within specific cat breeds; for example, calico cats occur in the Manx, American short hair and American long hair.

So if you ever wondered what type of cat you have, you may find some answers here.

Color patterns and unique markings

Among the most interesting types of cats are those with distinctive coats. Indeed, several types of cats are better known for their coloring and unique markings. And because of these characteristics many people believe that these felines belong to a particular breed. But usually that is not the case.

Here’s a list of cat types based on their unique coat pattern:

Calico cats - The coats of these cats come in three distinct colors: white (which is the predominant color), black and red.

Calicos come in dilute and non-dilute versions. You will find many cat breeds sporting the calico pattern.

Tabby Cats - One of the most common type of cats, they resemble their wild ancestors. Want to learn about the brightest of the tabby cats? Visit our page about orange tabbies.

Tortoiseshell Cats - Affectionately known as torties, these beautiful cats are believed to bring good fortune.

Torbies – These felines sport a mix of tortoiseshell and tabby patterns.

Maltese cats - These kitties are not native to Malta. In fact, Maltese refers to their coloring: mostly blue or gray fur.

Bicolor Cats

Feline beauty in two colors...

Tuxedo Cats - Also known as "Jellicle Cats", these black and white kitties are an elegant bunch.

Tortoiseshell cats are bicolor cats, too. Some may have a little bit of white fur but many torties don't have white fur at all.

Other black and white color patterns include the "cow cat" and the "mask-and-mantle" patterns. And another interesting bicolor pattern is the Turkish Van’s red and white coat.

Other cat types

These cats do not belong to a particular breed or have any specific characteristics.


Moggy is a term used to describe a mixed-breed cat (mongrel). It is also an affectionate British moniker for domestic cats. Many moggy cats can be born with anomalies due to their mixed breeding and many die young. However, many moggies reach adulthood. Go to our moggies page to learn more about them.

Feral Cats

Feral cats are formerly domestic cats that have become un-domesticated. Some feral cats were abandoned by their owners; others became lost or ran away. The term also refers to the offspring of feral cats. These cats are also known as alley cats or stray cats.

Somehow these cats have learned to live on their own, but most of them are still dependent on people to survive.

Unfortunately, feral cats have become a serious problem in some places. To learn more about feral cats and how to help, visit www.neighborhoodcats.org.

Barn cats

These cats earn their keep. They are kept at ranches and farms to combat vermin and rats, hence the name. Many of these cats are semi-stray cats so they are not fully domesticated.

Cat colors and patterns

Regardless of whether cats are purebred or not, they come in a wide variety of colors and coat patterns. From your basic black and white to lilac points and silver tabbies, you will find a cat in a color that will delight you.

White cats - These elegant cats are very beautiful. Visit our page devoted to white cats and kittens here, and learn more about them.

Large domestic cats - These are not different types of cats. It's just that some felines are larger than your average cat. Some belong to the large domestic cat breeds. Others are just big.

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To learn more about Siamese cats, please visit:

All About Siamese Cats - Everything you need to know about Siamese cats, including health info, training tips, and fun facts.

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