Cat Figurines

You can find real treasures!

Cat figurines capture the beauty and grace of cats.

Whether made of porcelain, ceramic or crystal, feline-inspired figurines make the perfect gift for any cat lover.

cat figurineThe gift of a cat figurine is an excellent idea for both the seasoned collector and the beginner. Cat lovers can never have too many of them!

Throughout history cats have been immortalized through different art forms.

Statuettes and sculptures of cats have been found in Ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures.

Nowadays, figurines have become very popular collectors' items.

Which is more beautiful - feline movement or feline stillness? - Elizabeth Hamilton

Starting your cat figurine collection

With so many online auctions, flea markets and street fairs, finding one-of-a-kind cat figurines has become easier. Indeed, you can find real treasures. For more detailed information on starting a collection check our cat collectibles page.

If you or your friends are just starting out, here are some ideas:

Focus on a theme

Do you want to collect glass figurines or figurines of Victorian cats? Of course, don’t limit yourself. As a cat lover myself, I

Cat Collection
For Sale

This is a great opportunity for collectors of cat-themed items. Go to this page for additional information.

enjoy anything related to cats. However, it is fun to have a focus or theme when starting your collection. Besides, it makes the whole process a lot easier.

Here are some ideas to help you start your collection:

  • Choose a material: You can find figurines made of glass, wood, clay, porcelain, and metal. As your collection grows you can branch out to other materials.

  • Go by artist: The unique creations of Swarovski, Laurel Burch and Amy Lacombe (of Whimsiclay) always make lovely cat lover gifts.

  • Cat Breeds: There is a wide range of figurines portraying almost every cat breed.

  • Wild and big cats: If you crave for something more exotic, get figurines of big cats: tigers, lions, cheetahs, panthers, jaguars, just to name a few.

  • Pick a size: There are cat-themed figurines in different sizes, from really small figurines to tall statuettes.

One of my favorite cat-themed figurine collections is Kitschy Katz. Sleek and jazzy, these katz will delight any cat lover. To learn more about Kitschy Katz and the artist, please visit our Kitschy Katz page here.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money

Flea markets and street fairs allow you to find unique cat-themed items at affordable prices. Just going to these street fairs is so much fun, and you can find really unusual items. Who knows, if you're lucky, you may find a valuable antique!

Get it online

Online auctions make it easy to find unique items without breaking the bank. Many highly trusted online stores also offer a wide selection of beautiful figurines at low prices.

Other places

Catalogs, gift shops, consignment stores, craft festivals, and even museum shops are great places to go shopping for that unique cat-themed figurine!

If you are looking for a unique, delightful cat lover gift, an out-of-the-ordinary figurine is the perfect choice. As you see, there are many excellent options to choose from and here some additional ideas to help you get started:

There are different types of figurines...

twoHere's a partial list of figurines you may consider.

  • Wood figurines
  • Ceramic figurines
  • Fat cats
  • Funny cats
  • Kittens
  • Sleeping cats
  • Stone figurines
  • Small cat sculptures
  • Figurines of famous cats (i.e. cartoon cats, movie cats, etc.)
  • Cat and dog figurines

Also consider cat figurines that celebrate a special occasion:

  • Christmas cat-themed figurines
  • Halloween cat figurines
  • Valentine’s cat inspired figurines

And other types of figurines...

Books about collecting figurines

To learn more about collecting figurines in general, check out the following books:

--Collecting Figurines from Royal Doulton by Stephen Johnson (Compiler), et al

--Royal Copenhagen Porcelain: Animals and Figurines by Robert J. Heritage

--Glass Animals Including Animal & Figural Related Items: Identification & Values by Dick Spencer and Pat Spencer

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