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A cat gift basket makes an excellent gift to celebrate any occasion. A wonderful option is to give personalized pet gift baskets, as they make unique and original presents.

If you want to make your own pet gift baskets but don’t know where to start, don't despair. Here are some ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing.

And luckily, you will find lots of goodies to fill your gift basket.

Cat gift basket ideas

So are you ready? here are some themes and suggestions to build your gift basket around. Have fun!

Give a cat gift basket for both the cat and the cat owner

Kill two birds with a single stone by giving a gift basket filled with goodies for both your cat loving friend and his or her cat.

Choose a theme

As I mentioned before, cat gift baskets can be a great present for any occasion. You can choose a theme to celebrate a cat lover's special date, such as birthday, bon voyage, house warming, new cat, and Christmas, just to name a few.

Or, you can choose a theme based on your friend’s interests. For example, if your friend loves Garfield, you can design a cat gift basket around Garfield-related memorabilia.

If your friends love to read, give them a cat gift basket that includes cat books and/or one or two cat magazines. Does your friend love art or collecting? You’ll easily find cat-inspired works of art and unique collectibles that fit most budgets.

So no matter what your friends love: collecting, cooking, or decorating, you can find something especially designed for cat lovers. I have found, for example, wonderful cat-themed kitchen accessories as well as other home décor accessories such as curtains, clocks, and candle holders. (See below for more ideas on choosing a theme.)

Pet gift baskets for multiple pets

This is a great gift idea for multi-pet households. If that special cat loving friend also has other pets (i.e. dogs, birds, ferrets) why not give her (or him) a combined gift basket, one that includes gifts for her cat as well as gifts for her other pets?

Visit our pet gift basket page for additional information.

Themes for your cat gift basket

OK, you’ve decided to customize your cat gift baskets around a theme. Need help choosing a theme? Here are some suggestions.

For cats:

Catnip. Cats absolutely love catnip. Include in your gift basket all things catnip: Catnip toys, catnip bags, and catnip bubbles! Your furry friends will love it!

Fish. Design your cat gift basket around fish-themed items. For instance, you may include in your basket tuna flavored treats, seafood flavored cat food, caviar, fish plush toys, and fish-themed accessories such as bowls and mats.

Toys galore. Cats can be very playful. A cat toy or two is always welcomed. There is a wide selection of cat toys to choose from: mouse toys of every type, balls and rattles. There are also interactive cat toys, stuffed toys, catnip-filled toys, feathered toys, catnip refillable toys and much more. Throw in cat treats and catnip for good measure.

Mouse. There are mouse toys of every kind, of course! You can even include packages that include several mouse toys. There are also interactive mouse toys, furry mouse toys, and squeaky mouse toys. Include the toys you like best. Don’t forget to include treats and catnip.

Care package. This is a great idea to welcome a new cat. You can include canned and dry food, bowls for food and water, and toys. Again, remember to include lots of cat treats and catnip.

Cat accessories. This is another great idea for new cat owners. Cat accessories make practical cat lover gifts and are always welcome. You may include nail clippers, brushes, toothbrush, water fountain, food and water bowls, toys, cat collar and/or ID tag.

Get well soon. Has kitty been feeling a bit under the weather lately? A gift basket filled with goodies and lots of love will cheer her up!

For cat owners:

A good idea is to design your gift basket for cat lover around a special occasion:

Welcome home gift basket. This is a great gift for those who’ve just adopted a new cat. You may also include a cat book (you can find feline-inspired humor, art and inspirational books) or a cat magazine. Also include a cat guide and cat accessories (mentioned above).

Halloween. This is a perfect gift idea for Halloween. In fact, many Halloween decorations include cats (black cats to be specific).

Design a cat gift basket around this popular celebration. Some items you can put in your basket include candy corn, cat-shaped chocolates, black cat figurines, a Halloween-themed cat t-shirt, and a pumpkin-shaped mug and/or a plush pumpkin. You can also include a Halloween costume for kitty.

Holidays. Choose your holiday: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Hanukkah, New Year’s Day. These are popular occasions and you can find a myriad of related items for both cat lovers and their cats. Here are some ideas:

  • For Christmas: In addition to treats for both your human and feline friends and traditional gifts such as cat toys, you may add cat-themed Christmas ornaments, figurines and other collectibles.

    You can also find Christmas-themed sweatshirts, picture frames and other items with cat motifs.

  • For Valentine’s: Sweets and cookies will certainly be welcomed by your human friends. Your feline friends will also be delighted with catnip and other delicious treats.

    You can also find Valentine-themed gifts for cat lovers and their cats, such as an I-love-my-cat T-shirt for your cat-loving friend and a heart-shaped ID tag for kitty. By the way, several online stores allow you to customize your own t-shirts!

"Just feel good" or "just because" pet gift basket. If there is no special occasion to celebrate, but you still want to cheer up your cat loving friend, prepare a gift basket with unique and whimsical cat lover gifts.

For example, you can give your friend cat-themed items such as a picture frame, a candle holder, a plush cat, a bathrobe and/or throw. You may also include goodies such as candy, fruit and cookies.

Milestones. You can design a gift basket to celebrate a special date such as bon voyage, retirement, farewell, and house warming.

Sympathy gift baskets. For that special cat lover in your life who just lost her pet, a loss of pet gift basket is a good idea. You may include a book about the process of grieving for a pet, a journal, an angel figurine and a candle with its candle holder.

You can also design your basket around your friend’s interests:

For the home. Does your cat loving friend love decorating? Give your friend a basket filled with cat-themed items for the home and garden. The advantage of this idea is that there are so many accessories to choose from: clocks, kitchen canisters, decorative plates, cell phone holders, sun catchers, chimes, mouse pads, calendars and many more.

You could even pick a particular room in the house. For example, you can focus on kitchen, bathroom, home office or garden accessories.

For the bookworm. If your cat-loving friend loves reading, then you have many options to choose from. There’s a wide selection of cat books on many different subjects: health, general care, training, art and photography, breeds, famous cartoon cats like Garfield, Felix the Cat, and Krazy Kat (among many others), the history of cats, and humor.

You may also throw in a cat magazine and/or newsletter. And don't forget to add the traditional sweets and goodies.

For art lovers. Cat art is very popular among cat lovers. And, you can find unique pieces that please most tastes and fit most budgets. Picture frames, a print, a poster, and figurines are good options.

For movie buffs. Does your friend love movies? Include one or two movies featuring cats! There’s even video catnip for your furry friends. And don’t forget to add popcorn. Go to our cat movies page for more on this topic.

For cartoon cat lovers. If your friend is a devoted fan of a cartoon cat, then design the gift basket around his or her favorite cartoon character: Felix the Cat, Top Cat, Garfield

Again, remember to include candy, fruit and crackers in your basket.

I hope that these ideas help you in creating unique gift baskets for your cat loving friends.

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