That fat orange cat!

Garfield has always been one of my favorite cartoon cats. When I was little, I loved watching his cartoons on TV. As I grew up I still enjoyed his antics. Slowly but surely, I started collecting items inspired by this cartoon cat.

Are you looking for a special cat lover gift? Do you know a cat lover who is also a fan of this fun cat?

Memorabilia and collectibles make a fun gift for cat lovers who also happen to love this fun orange cat.

Need additional ideas?

Here are some gifts ideas to help you get started:

  • Toys
  • Home decor items such as clocks and bathroom accessories
  • Collectibles such as figurines and keychains
  • Magnets and mugs
  • Books on and by this fun cat
  • Video Games
  • Garfield-inspired music (no kidding, see below for more)
  • Comic book compilations


You can certainly give a DVD of the motion pictures or a DVD collection of the television series and specials. You can also find an assortment of posters and prints.

Garfield-themed hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, plush toys, posters, and backpacks also make nice gifts for anyone on your list.

From plush dolls to clothing, from jewelry to comic books, you will certainly find suitable and affordable Garfield-themed gifts for all ages.

A cat with an attitude

What I love the most about this lovable orange cat is his personality. He certainly has an attitude and many human traits.

He can easily get bored and even depressed. Sometimes he's moody, sometimes he’s content. He suffers from apathy from time to time. He can also be very neurotic. He loves lasagna, hates Mondays (I can certainly relate), enjoys napping and he doesn’t eat mice.

Most of the stories in this comic strip revolve around the relationship between this lovable feline and his owner, Jon Arbuckle. This kitty constantly makes fun of his clumsy owner.

Indeed, this adorable cat is a typical feline: he thinks he is the master of the home!

Comic strip, TV and film!

If you know your Garfield-history, then you know that it all started as a comic strip. It was created by Jim Davis and it first appeared on June 19th, 1978. The strip was one of the first to focus on the relationship between pet owners and their pets. Many believe that this contributed to its success.


Many years later, the orange cat made the transition to television. The first television special starring this fat cat debuted in 1982. This special was titled Here comes Garfield and the actor Lorenzo Music provided the voice.

There were more television specials from 1982 to 1991. Here's more information on these specials.

There was also a television series (which I, as mentioned before, absolutely loved as a kid). Garfield and Friends (as the series was named) ran from 1988 to 1995.


This fat kitty also made it to the big screen. Garfield: The Movie premiered on June 11, 2004. Here are a few fun movies about this kitty. Needless to say, these make great gifts for fans of this cartoon cat.

Even to this day, that fat orange cat continues to be a popular cartoon character.

Cast of characters

This is a partial list of the series' characters:

Jon Arbuckle: The orange cat's owner. He is a clumsy guy who is very unlucky with the opposite sex. Many episodes focus on his inability to get a date.

Odie: Jon’s pet. Odie is well known for his drooling tongue.

Arlene: This orange cat's girlfriend. She is a very thin pink cat. She used to appear more often in earlier cartoon episodes that in more recent ones.

Pooky: This fat kitty's beloved teddy bear. He found it in Jon's drawer. Since that day, they became inseparable.

Dr. Liz Wilson: The cat's veterinarian. Jon has a crush on her.

Herman Post: Jon Arbuckle's mailman.

Hubert and Reba: Jon Arbuckle's crabby neighbors.

Binky the Clown: A TV personality with a loud and annoying greeting.


Do your cat loving friends love music? This orange cat has his very own music CD, aptly titled Am I Cool or What? The album was released on July, 1991 by GRP Records. Performers include: Patti Labelle, B.B. King and The Temptations. This compilation features songs (mostly R&B and modern Jazz) about this lovable orange cat. This is definitely a great gift for cat lovers who love both this fat cat and great music.

Here’s a partial list of the tracks and the artists:

  1. "Shake Your Paw" (The Temptations)

  2. "I Love it When I'm Naughty" (Patti LaBelle)

  3. "Fat is Where It's At" (Carl Anderson)

  4. "Long 'Bout Midnight" (Natalie Cole)

  5. "Nine Lives" (Pointer Sisters)

  6. "Next to you I'm Even Better" (Diane Schuur)

  7. "Spare Time" (David Benoit)

  8. "Up on a Fence" (Desirée Goyette)

  9. "Monday Morning Blues (Blues for Mr.G)" (B. B. King)

Note: All the copyrighted characters mentioned here are trademarks of their owners.

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