Cat Water Bowls

Cat water bowls are essential items every cat owner must have.After all, your cat need a fresh supply of water every day. They make practical cat lover gifts too. Cat bowls come in different sizes, materials and designs, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a cat water bowl, either for your cat or to give as a gift, here are some tips and ideas to help you in your search.

Cat bowls with style

Most likely, your cat will not care which color his bowl is. But if you want something unique for your cat, you’ve several alternatives to choose from. You can even find matching feeders and waterers.

Cat bowls come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes. You may find them in bright colors, pastels, or just plain black and white. Waterers also come decorated with funny themes, including cats, fish and dots - among many other themes.

You can find water bowls in different materials, including stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. Which is best? That depends on your personal taste and needs. If you are looking for a long-lasting piece, a stainless steel cat water bowl is the best choice. Ceramic cat bowls are microwave-safe and they don’t retain bacteria as plastic bowls do (but they do tend to break more often). Plastic bowls are the cheapest of the three types of bowls. But, even though some are recyclable, plastic bowls are not biodegradable.

Automatic bowls and pet fountains

As I mentioned before, cats need fresh water on a regular basis. Old fashioned water bowls will do the trick. Just make sure to change the water every day. If, however, you are gone for a long portion of the day or if you prefer a more hands-off approach, then consider automatic water bowls. These bowls re-circulate water and come with filters, so your cat will always have fresh water.

Another alternative to traditional water bowls is the water fountain. My cat loves drinking water from the faucet. And many cats enjoy drinking from running water. For them, a cat water fountain makes the perfect choice.

The Drinkwell pet fountain is one of the most popular cat water fountains, but you can find other brands as well.

Tips, tips, tips and gift ideas

-- Place your cat’s water and food bowls away from her litter box. That’s the way cats like it. Felines are very clean animals and don’t like to eat near their litter box. Also remember to place your cat’s bowls in a quiet area.

-- It is always a good idea to have extra bowls, just in case your cat bowls get too dirty or get broken, for example. You should also replace them from time to time.

-- If you have several cats, try getting one cat water bowl per cat. Most cats are very finicky when it comes to their eating (and drinking) habits. Some cats don’t mind sharing, but overall it is a good idea to get one bowl for each cat.

Gift ideas

Cat bowls make great practical gifts, and here are some gift ideas:

-- Include a cat water bowl in a cat gift basket.

-- Give a matching set of food and water bowls. You may also include a stand to raise the bowls.

-- Give a bowl along with a cat food storage unit, a cat cookie jar, or a cat canister.

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