Cat Christmas Stocking Ideas

Get ready for Christmas with a cat Christmas stocking. You can make or buy a Christmas stocking for your cat, your cat loving friends, and/or their cats. If your friends don’t have a cat but have other pets you can give them pet Christmas stockings.

So here’s the question: to make or to buy? Well, that depends on your level of "craftiness", your time, and energy. For artsy and crafty cat lovers, making their own cat stockings can be a fun project. You will find below several ideas to help you create your own stockings.

If you prefer to buy, here are some excellent stockings from

Christmas stockings

Cat Christmas stocking ideas and tips

Before you buy or start designing your pet Christmas stocking, consider the following:

--Decide what size you want your cat Christmas stocking to be – small, medium or large (you can also make tiny stockings or extra large ones).

--Is the stocking for a human or for a feline? Decorate accordingly. Check the decorating tips below for ideas.

--If you are beginner, use felt to design your creation. I find that felt is one of the easiest fabrics to work with when making cat Christmas stockings.

--If you want to create an original piece, choose out-of-the ordinary fabrics and materials including flannel, vinyl, burlap, cotton, wool, faux fur, fleece, and denim.

--Do you know how to knit or crochet? A knitted or crochet stocking is very special and unique. And best of all, you can find several patterns online (many of them for free).

--Go green: Reuse, reclaim, repurpose…If you have old sweaters, tote bags or scraps of fabric, use them to make one of a kind stockings. You can also revamp old stockings from Christmas past: give them a new face lift by adding new trim, buttons or jingle bells.

--Don’t have a sewing machine? No problem, you can hand sew your stocking. You can find step-by-step instructions online.

--Don’t have the time to make a cat Christmas stocking from scratch but still want to have a unique stocking? You can buy plain stockings at any craft store and decorate them to your heart’s content.

--Choose non-traditional colors: yes, red is the hands-down favorite (other traditional colors include white, gold and silver), but if you want to add some punch to your creations try something new. What about coral, blue, yellow, and purple?

--You can make mini stockings to decorate your tree.

How to make a cat Christmas stocking

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And I guess, a video is even better! So I’ll let the experts show you how to make a Christmas stocking. The video below gives you step by step instructions.

And before you begin, gather all the materials, supplies and tools you will need: fabric, glue gun, decorating items, sewing machine, thread and needle, and iron.

This video is brought to you courtesy of Etsy. The instructions are divided into three parts.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

So in summary, these are the basics of Christmas-stocking making:

  1. Choose a fabric

  2. Decide on a size

  3. Cut the pattern – You can use an old stocking as inspiration, you make your own pattern using paper, or you use one of the many free patterns available online.

  4. Decorate your stocking

  5. Sew it together

  6. Add lining and cuff (optional)

Decorating tips

--Use appliqués in the shape of mice, fish, paws, and of course, cats.

--You can also decorate your stocking using flowers made of fabric, cotton, and buttons of different shapes and sizes.

--Glitter and decorative glue will add a touch of whimsy and magic to any stocking. Use them to write the recipient’s name, or anything festive (how about Merry Christmas?). You can also draw fun designs directly onto the stocking.

--Use colorful trim, lace, tassels and pom poms to add some punch.

--To make a truly unique stocking, use jewelry beads. You can sew or glue them onto your stocking.

--Adding cat-themed pins, brooches, and/or cat charms will make your stocking very special.

--If the stocking is for a cat, you can make it in the shape of fish or mice.

What to put inside your stocking

Okay, you’ve finished your stocking so now you have to decide how to fill it up. Here are some ideas:

Stocking stuffers for your human friends

--Small gifts: cat-themed candles, magnets, coin purses, figurines.

--Cat-inspired picture frame (you can find them in small sizes).

--Candy and crackers

Stocking stuffers for your furry friends

--Mice toys

--Ball toys


--Cat accessories like nail clippers and brushes

More fun ideas:

--Decorate your house with stockings. This is a great idea for your Christmas tree. You can also use them to decorate your mantel or side board.

--Get your kids to help you. Make it a fun Christmas project.

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