Ideas to Decorate your
Cat Christmas Card

Decorating your own cat Christmas card creations can be lots of fun. If you are making handmade animal Christmas cards you can decorate them with an wide array of decorative items and materials, including:

  • Fabric

  • Different types of paper and card stock

  • Appliqués in the shape of cats, mice, and fish

  • Jewelry beads

  • Cotton

  • Glitter

  • Paper snowflakes

  • Decorative gel/glue

  • Buttons

  • Crayons, color pencils, watercolors

  • Dried/pressed flowers

  • Lace

  • Trim

  • Ribbon

  • Tassels

  • Mini pom poms

After you've made your cat Christmas card (the easiest way is to buy simple card stock or fold a piece of soft cardboard in half), use these materials to add your own personal touch.

Want to learn how to make your own cards? Visit our page about cat-themed Christmas cards for tips and ideas.

You can also use these items to personalize the cards that you buy ready made.

More ideas to help you enhance your Animal Christmas card

There’s lots of decorating techniques you can use to customize your Christmas cards. Here are some ideas:

Use photos. Photo cards have become extremely popular. You can use photos to decorate your cards in several ways. For example, if you’re making your own Christmas cards, you can just paste your favorite photo directly onto your cards. You can add a nice border, if you want.

Another idea is to make a collage of different photos. This is a perfect solution if you can’t choose among several photos. Also, this is a great solution for multiple cat/pet households. Make a collage using a picture of each pet.

Want something easy? You can buy photo insert cards. These cards come with a pocket/holder that allows you to insert you photo. You can find photo holder cards at several online stores.

Paint them! You can use water colors, pastel, and color pencils. You can also use drawings. Don’t trust your artistic abilities? Don’t fret, you don’t have to be a consummate artist to do this – a simple design will do.

Use rubber stamps. If you want a special card with a nice finish, use rubber stamps. You can find online cat-themed as well as Christmas-related rubber stamp kits.

Christmas e-cards. I find ecards too informal for my taste. But they make a good option to send last minute greetings. Luckily, you can send e-cards for free. Some online providers also allow you to customize your electronic cards for a fee.

Additional decorating ideas

--Use cat Christmas cards to decorate your Christmas tree.

--Create some funky wall art: Take a big piece of cardboard (you can choose green or any other color you fancy), and cut it into the shape of a triangle. Place your animal Christmas cards inside of the triangle. You can add a festive border around your "tree". Place the card tree on a wall (or door). For this project, use double sided, removable tape –which you can find online. This tape will not damage your wall and you can easily remove it after the holidays.

--Display your cards. Christmas cards are great to put on your coffee table. A nice way to do this is to place your holiday cards on a nice wicker basket or decorative plate. You can also place them on the mantel, side tables, doors, and the fridge.

--Give sets of Christmas cards as gifts along with stationary, gift tags, calendars and personalized items including magnets, kitchen and picture frames…


Do your cat loving friends also love the crafts? What about card making? Do you want to learn how to make cards? Here are some books you can give as gifts or buy for yourself:

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