Cat Combs

Are you looking for cat combs? Choosing the right pet comb will help you keep your cat neatly groomed.

But how do you select the right comb? Here are some suggestions to help you select the right pet comb for your cat.

Cat Comb Suggestions

There are different types of combs. Choose one based on your cat’s needs. For example, you may choose a comb to remove fleas, or one to break and remove matted hair. You can also pick a comb to untangle your cat's hair. You may choose a comb to simply groom your cat. Remember, grooming your cat is an important aspect of cat care.

There are steel combs, brushes, de-shedding tools, and other types of combs. Mostly, combs are used to remove excess hair.

For more information, visit our cat-comb page.

Cat flea comb

Cat flea combs are best used in conjuction with flea shampoos. These combs help detect and remove fleas (and flea eggs). They also remove dead skin and loose hairs. Make sure you thoroughly comb the areas around the ears, neck and the tail’s base.

Cat shedding comb

Cat shedding combs and brushes are great for untangling and removing matted hair. These tools also remove loose hair.

Unique features

You will also find combs with certain features, including:

  • Combs with handle – for an easy grip
  • Double sided combs – for an easier grooming session
  • Self-grooming combs – let kitty do it
  • Untanglers – to get rid of that ugly mat

More combs...

Double sided combs

Gift Idea

Pet combs make a practical and inexpensive cat gift. You can prepare a gift basket and fill it with an assortment of cat grooming supplies. Of course, make sure you include cat brushes and combs. This is a great gift for new cat owners.

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