A Cat Comb

is an indispensable grooming tool

A cat comb (along with a cat brush) is one of the most important cat grooming tools. Indeed, combs will help you keep your cat’s coat and skin in top shape. These tools will also help you remove excess hair and prevent problems such as matted hair – among other benefits.

So how do you select the right comb for your cat? Here you’ll find tips and suggestions to help you choose the right comb for your cat's needs. You’ll also learn about the different types of cat combs.

By the way, combs make practical cat lover gifts. You can give a set by itself or include it in a cat gift basket, for example. Visit our cat grooming page for more ideas.

Cat combs

So where do we start? Will any comb do? Here are some pointers and information about combs. I hope it helps you find the right one for your cat.

Different types of combs

Choosing the right grooming tool is essential to help you provide the best care for your cat. But how do you pick the right one? First, let’s start with the different combs available to you. You’ll find combs for different needs, such as:

  • Steel combs

  • Cat flea combs

  • Cat shedding combs, like the FURminator DeShedding Tool

  • Mat removing combs

  • Self-grooming combs

  • Rakes

Combs are excellent tools for:

  • Regular grooming sessions

  • Checking for fleas

  • Removing loose hair

  • Preventing matting and knotting problems

  • Removing matted hair

  • Removing dead hair and dander

  • Self-grooming – You can find self-grooming combs you can mount on the wall.

How to choose the perfect comb for your cat

Before you choose the right comb for your cat, ask yourself a few questions: What do you need the comb for? Is it to check for fleas? Then you would need a flea comb. If your goal is to prevent matting and/or to remove matted hair and knots, then a mat removing comb is best. Rakes are great to remove dead hair and are gentle on your cat.

Another factor to consider is your cat’s coat. There are combs that work better for short hair cats and others that work better for long hair cats. For cats with long hair, for example, try a comb with skip teeth.

Also consider the thickness of the comb’s teeth. Some combs come with fine teeth while others come with coarse teeth. You may also find combs with a combination of both. Make sure that the comb’s teeth are not too sharp as they could hurt your cat’s skin.

Comb or brush?

Combs and brushes cater to different needs and you should have both. Combs are perfect for flea prevention, matting problem prevention, and for removing loose hairs. Brushes, on the other hand, are great for removing dead skin, excess hair and provide a good massage for your cat.

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