Cat Charms

Cat charms make lovely cat lover gifts. Delight your friends with a unique cat charm. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from. You will also find charms for pets, so don't forget your furry friends.

So if you're looking for a beautiful, charming cat lover gift, the gift of cat-theme charms makes a good choice.

A cat-theme charm is an enchanting gift for your friends and for your feline companions as well. A charm (or charm bracelet) makes a terrific gift for you, too!

A charming piece of cat jewelry

A charm is a small decorative pendant, usually worn on a bracelet. Generally, charms have a special meaning for the person wearing them. Charms are also used to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, new baby, or anniversary.

In Ancient times, people wore charms as amulets, or talismans, to protect themselves from evil, and as a means to attract good luck.

Nowadays, charms have become popular fashion accessories.

Collecting cat charms

Do you want to start a collection of cat-inspired charms? There is a wide selection of charms and charm bracelets to select from. There is something for everyone. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you get started:

Choosing a theme

Deciding upon a theme will narrow the search considerably. Some cat lover ideas include: kittens, sleeping cats, playful cats, or cat breeds.

Choosing a material

This is another wonderful way to focus your collection. Do you prefer gold or silver? If you want a unique collection, why not choose an out-of-the-ordinary material. How about coral or stone, or materials such as wood or clay? Other options include: pewter, glass and opal. See the list below for more ideas.


Before starting your collections decide how much you are willing to spend. There are charms to fit any budget, from high-end pendants to affordable pieces.

Cat lover gift ideas

  1. Cat Italian charms: Italian charm bracelets have grown in popularity. Instead of dangling from the bracelet, Italian charms are directly snapped onto the bracelet.

  2. Cat charm and pendant: For a unique twist give a charm that can also be used as a pendant. Or you can give a set of matching pendant and charm.

  3. Help your friend start a collection! Give your special friend a charm bracelet with one or two charms to start the collection. See the Collecting Cat Charms section above for more information.

  4. Birthstone cat charm: Celebrate your birthday, your cat-loving friend’s birthday or your pet’s birthday with a birthstone charm!

  5. Breeds: You can find charms that celebrate specific cat breeds such as Persian and Siamese, among many others.

  6. Cat collar with charms: This is a wonderful cat lover gift idea. Collar charms for pets have become very popular and you will easily find them online. Add a touch of beauty and sparkle to kitty's collar with a unique pet charm!

    Very important: Always ensure that both the charm and collar you choose for your kitty are safe. See section Pet Charms below for more information.

  7. Materials: These are an important part of the design. There are many materials to choose from: metal, onyx, turquoise, cubic zirconia, silver, gold, pewter, opal, coral, glass, aventurine, moonstone, enamel, rhinestones, agate, and many more.

Pet Charms

Charms for pets have also become very popular. Any pet collar will look great with a beautiful pet charm especially designed for pet collars. This is another terrific gift idea for pet lovers.

Safety is a very important factor to consider when choosing a collar and charms for your kitty. Make sure that both the collar and the charms you select are safe. My favorite cat collars are those that snap open if the collar gets caught.

Visit our pet charms for more info.

Animal charms

Animal charms have grown in popularity in recent years. The variety of charms portraying and celebrating different types of animals can be overwhelming: dogs (you will find charms of almost every breed), birds, lions, tigers, fish, dolphins, penguins, to name just a few.

An animal charm makes a great gift for any animal lover.

Where to find the perfect cat charm

Okay, you’ve finally decided to either start a charm collection or give the gift of cat-inspired charms to that special cat lover in your life. So… where do you find fun and one-of-a-kind charms?

Thanks to the Internet you can easily find unique cat-themed charms from the comfort of your home. Many online stores offer a wide array of charms. Indeed, tou can find vintage and rare charms as well as more common and affordable ones.

You can also find charms in a myriad of other places. For instance: flea markets, street fairs, consignment stores, jewelry stores, garage sales, estate sales, catalogs, online auctions such as eBay, traditional auctions, your local gift store, art fairs, and museum gift shops, among others.

For additional information...

...about Charms, Charm Jewelry, Charm Collecting, and Starting a Charm Collection, you might enjoy the following books:

Charmed Bracelets by Tracey Zabar, Ellen Silverman (Photographer), with a foreword by Lisa Birnbach.

Friendship Bracelets by Laura Torres, Darwen Hennings (Illustrator), Vally Hennings (Illustrator), Designed by Mary Ellen Podgorski and by Jill Turney.

The Charm of Charms by Jade Albert and Ki Hackney

Charming: The Magic of Charm Jewelry by Deborah Alun-Jones

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