Cat Pins

whimsical cat lover jewelry

Cat pins will bring a smile to every cat lover on your list. Indeed, a cat pin makes a whimsical and fun cat lover gift!

And the good news is that these pieces of cat theme jewelry come at affordable prices, too.

There is a wide selection of cat brooches and pins available at different online stores. You will find pieces that go from the elegant and sophisticated to the whimsical and fun. There’s certainly something unique for everyone.

Undoubtedly, a cat-themed pin makes a lovely cat lover gift. Not only will you find an extensive array of cat-inspired pins, but also you will find unique pieces that fit most budgets.

Pet jewelry gift ideas

Give something fun

Cat PinYou will find whimsical pins of cats sleeping, playing, or just plain having fun. You can also find pins depicting different cat breeds.

Brightly colored, fun designs make a great choice. For a unique gift, consider an ethnic-inspired cat pin.

Elegant and Sophisticated

Is the gift recipient elegant and sophisticated? A cat pin encrusted with rhinestones, precious or semi-precious stones makes a wonderful present. Other materials and gems you might consider include: agate, marcasite and pearls.

What is the occasion?

Give a one-of-a-kind pin that celebrates the occasion, such as a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, Halloween … or just because!

Fun Gift Ideas

  • Does the gift recipient favor one material over another? Take this into account when choosing a pin. As I mentioned previously, there are different types of materials available. For example: crystal, gold, silver, pewter, even plastic! Also consider giving a pin made of an out-of-the-ordinary material, such as clay or stone.

  • What about giving something extra special? An oversize cat pin or cat brooch makes an excellent choice.

  • Another fun gift idea is to give a matching set of earrings and pin.

  • Does your cat-loving friend collect pins? If so, the gift of a carefully selected set of cat pins will be greatly appreciated.

  • Give whimsical pins: Whimsiclay has created a whole collection of cat pins made of clay. These pins are fun and quaint.

  • If your friend also has dogs, then give him or her a "cat and dog" pin.

  • Another idea is to give vintage cat theme pins.

  • Memorial pins are another idea that is gaining popularity. So if you or your friends have lost a pet, this can be a wonderful way to remember him or her. Some jewelers offer the option of customizing your pins. You provide them with a picture of your furry friend, which is then mounted onto the pin.

  • If you would love to unleash your creative side, then why not create your own pins? Visit any craft store and/or jewelry store and you can find all you need to create your own one-of-a-kind pins. You can also find books with instructions on how to make your own jewelry, including pins.

  • Cat-themed safety pins make fun gifts. You can even customize them yourself!

How to enhance your clothes using pins

Pins and brooches are great accessories you can use to enhance your wardrobe. A large brooch, for example, can be used with a simple, solid-color jacket. Pins can also be used to enhance your coat or raincoat.

Large and funky pins look great on denim. Brightly colored pins add a touch of pizazz to any plain dress. Fun and humorous pins add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. For a more sophisticated look, you can accompany simple evening dresses with pins encrusted with rhinestones, semi-precious, and precious stones. For a more adventurous look, wear pins made of uncommon materials such as clay, wood, and coral.

Other fun ways to use pins

--Pin them on a purse or tote

--Pin them on your hat

--Wear two or three at the same time: you can mix and match, coordinate or wear completely different pieces.

--You can also use pins to decorate pillows and cushions. Oversize pins work best for this purpose.

As you can see, cat-inspired pins make a great gift of cat theme jewelry.

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