A cat bracelet ...

... for that special cat lover

Looking for the perfect cat bracelet for that special cat lover in your life?

Cat bracelets and cat charm bracelets are perfect gifts to celebrate special occasions. Your cat loving friend will surely appreciate this feline-inspired gift.

You can find beautiful pieces both online and offline, and you are certain to find something that fits your budget. If you are looking for ideas to help you select the perfect cat-inspired bracelet, you will find several ideas here.

Ideas to help you find the perfect bracelet

It's a fact, cat lovers love cat-themed accessories. And, cat jewelry is particularly popular among cat lovers. Cat bracelets are a good example of the increasing popularity of cat jewelry. Feline-inspired bracelets are fun and whimsical jewelry pieces, and they come in different designs.

Here are some suggestions to consider when looking for a unique bracelet for that special cat lover in your life.

-- Materials: The most popular materials are gold, silver, and pewter. You can also find bracelets made of glass and plastic beads with gold and silver accents.

-- Cat faces: I've seen a design that showcases several cat faces strung together.

-- Different shapes: Another design I’ve seen is a string of sleeping cats. You can also find cat bracelets depicting several cats doing different activities: cats playing, cats sitting down, etc.

-- Full bodies: This type of design showcases the cat’s entire body instead of only showing the face. Some design repeat the same pattern over and over. Unlike the bracelets that show cats of different shapes or several cats in different stages of action, these bracelets’ links are all the same.

-- Bracelets inlaid with precious stones: If you are looking for a more sophisticated gift, you can give bracelets encrusted with semi-precious and precious stones.

-- Birthstones: If the gift is to celebrate a birthday, then consider giving a cat charm bracelet. You can find charms inlaid with the birthstone of your preference. Many online stores allow you to choose a birthstone or any other stone of your choice to customize your design. See below for more options.

-- Cat charm bracelets: This is a great idea for charm collectors, both seasoned and beginners. A great idea is to give a starter cat charm bracelet with a unique cat charm. And you can find a wide array of cat charms online and offline.

-- Italian charm bracelets: I personally love all types of charm bracelets, but my favorites are the Italian bracelets. You can find a large selection of cat-inspired Italian charms.

-- Give a coordinating set of earrings, necklace and bracelet. You may include a cat-inspired ring, too.

-- Want something unique and affordable? A beaded cat bracelet makes a great choice.

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