Choosing a Cat Harness

Why would a cat need a cat harness? If you want to leash-train your cat, then you need a feline harness. Cats are built differently than dogs and their necks are not as strong as those of dogs. Therefore, cats need to use a special type of harness.

The good news is that you can find harnesses especially made for cats. Indeed, you can find a wide selection of harnesses online as well as off line. And you can find matching sets of cat leads and harnesses as well.

So, if you want to train your cat to use a leash, you would first have to find a harness that fits him.

The first step in the selection process is to determine the size of your cat. You can find harnesses in different sizes, from extra small to large. Measuring your cat is especially important if you have a large cat or a cat of an exotic breed whose size might not be your typical size.

Below you will find more information that will assist you in choosing the right harness for your kitty.

Types of harnesses for cats

There are different types of feline harnesses. Here are the most popular designs:

-Figure 8 harness: This type of harness is shaped like the number 8, hence the name. The Figure 8 harness keeps kitty comfortably secure.

-Figure H: You guessed it. This particular harness is shaped like the letter H. This particular design is also safe for your kitty, and it will help prevent neck injuries in case your cat tries to pull the leash.

-Adjustable harnesses: Most cat harnesses in the market are adjustable, which is a great feature. It allows you to adjust the harness to fit your cat’s body.

-Harness and walking jacket: This is combination of lead and harness all in one piece. These pieces are terrific for cats as they provide a safe option as well as extra protection against the elements (especially when it’s cold outside).

Materials and extras

You can find harnesses in a wide selection of materials and colors. Some common materials include leather and nylon. You can also find lupine harnesses as well as pieces made of bungee-like materials.

You can also find harnesses in assorted solid colors. In addition, you can find pieces that come in a variety of patterns.

For extra protection, you can buy a set of cat harness and leash with reflective strips. This feature is particularly useful during the night and in dark places.

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