Pet Portraits:

A Lovely Gift that Captures
your Cat's Feline Beauty!

Pet portraits have grown in popularity in recent years, and many artists now specialize in portraits of pets.

Prices may vary, depending on the artist you select. Rates can go from affordable to very expensive.

Fortunately, you can find good prices online without sacrificing quality.

Cat portraits make thoughtful and beautiful gifts for any cat lover. Indeed, a work of art is a wonderful medium to capture your pet’s beauty for posterity. Surely, a portrait of a beloved pet will become a cherished decorative piece.

Useful pointers

A Cat PortraitHere's a list of some factors to consider if you decide to commission a portrait.

  • Before giving a cat portrait as a gift, consider the intended gift recipient’s particular taste. Does your friend prefer contemporary and modern art or does he favor classical works? Does she favor one medium over another?

    Knowing your friend's preference will help you choose the right angle and style for your gift. In addition, it will help you select an artist who specializes in that particular medium or technique.

  • In addition to the traditional portrait, you can also commission pop art portraits, comic portraits, and even parodies of famous works of art. Indeed, you can have fun choosing the style of your portrait.

  • Think about what you (or the gift recipient) want in a portrait. Do you want a head portrait or a full body portrait? Do you want a simple background or a more elaborate one?

  • A good idea is to browse different pictures and portraits of pets (you can easily do this online). It will give you a better idea of the type of portrait you would like.

  • You can choose from different types of techniques: pastels, charcoal, oil on canvas, acrylics, or watercolor.

  • You can also order pencil drawing portraits.

  • Artists will require a photograph of your pet to do a replica. Make sure you submit a high quality picture.

  • Take into account the composition of the portrait. You can have a special background done to enhance the picture. Again, make sure you choose a high quality picture. Some artists will charge an additional fee for a background.

  • You can also choose to depict the different stages of the pet’s life (for example: kitten, young cat, adult cat, etc.) This can be done in a series of paintings or in a single portrait.

  • You can have fun and try different things. For example, if the portrait is for yourself and you have several pets, why not have a portrait of them together (sort of like a family portrait). You can also be in the portrait with your pet if you so desire!

  • Even though you can get a realistic pet portrait, you can also opt to have a fantasy portrait done!

  • Take into account the time factor. Some studios might need several weeks to complete the piece, so if you want to give the pet portrait by a certain date give yourself enough time to do all the necessary arrangements.

Framing options

Some online artists provide framing options. Some, however, do not. So before you commission your portrait, ask the artist whether he or she offers this service. Some experts recommend to have a professional framer do the framing for you. Take into account that this option will cost you extra money, but it will be worthy.

Also consider the type of glass you want to cover your painting with. There are different types of glass: regular, non-reflective, and diffusing glass. These vary in price and quality. You may ask your professional framer which type is best for you.

Prints and other online services

Many online artists archive images of your portrait. This is great if you want a copy of your pet's portrait at a later time. Many artists allow you to order prints of your portrait. And they give you different size options to choose from.

Some online artists also offer photo enhancement services. So if you have photo portraits you want to optimize, this is a perfect service for you.

Pet portrait artists online

There are many excellent pet portrait artists who offer a high quality service. Prices will vary, depending on the artist and the type of work you want.

Most portrait artists require a high quality photograph to do a replica. So make sure you submit the best picture you have. Remember, this is a gift for posterity.

If you prefer, you can also give a gift certificate. Many online portrait artists and studios offer this choice. This is an excellent option and will certainly please your special cat-loving friend.

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