Dog and Cat Names

Are you looking for dog and cat names? Do you have a dog and a kitty and would love to give them unique and original names? If you want to go beyond "Fido" and "Fluffy", here is some inspiration. Below you will find a list of cat and dog names to help you get started.

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Most popular names for dogs and cats

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, the largest provider of pet insurance in the United States, the following were the most popular names for dogs and cats of 2008. How did they compile this list? Well, they examined their database of over 400,000 insured cats and dogs and using that information they arrived at the results we share below.

Most popular feline names

  1. Max

  2. Chloe

  3. Tigger

  4. Tiger

  5. Lucy

  6. Smokey

  7. Oliver

  8. Bella

  9. Shadow

  10. Charlie

Most popular canine names

  1. Max

  2. Bailey

  3. Bella

  4. Molly

  5. Lucy

  6. Buddy

  7. Maggie

  8. Daisy

  9. Sophie

  10. Chloe

As you can see, Max is a popular name for both male cats and male dogs. And for both feline and canine girls, Chloe is a big favorite. What is your favorite name?

More names for dogs and cats

Okay, you think that the list above is well and good but you want names with a punch. If you need more inspiration, here are some names that are perfect for either a kitty or a doggie.

Female names for cats and dogs

  • Adaira

  • Adara

  • Adeline

  • Aura

  • Brenna

  • Brianna

  • Erin

  • Flora

  • Flossie

  • Isolde

  • Lucinda

  • Magda

  • Maura

  • Maureen

  • Moira

  • Nelda

  • Nelly

  • Noreen

  • Winnie

  • Winnifred

Male names for dogs and cats

  • Brady

  • Brandon

  • Brody

  • Darby

  • Damian

  • Darius

  • Dawson

  • Gavin

  • Gordie

  • Klein

  • Lester

  • Lucius

  • Rory

  • Robbie

  • Rocky

  • Rufus

  • Sweeney

  • Tramp

  • Trevor

  • Uther

So did you find a dog and cat name that you like? If you need more inspiration, you may visit our feline names page for lots of ideas. You may also want to visit the links below.

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