Egyptian Names for Male Cats

This list of Egyptian names for male cats will help you find a unique name for your male kitty. I also hope that it will spark your imagination. If you have an Egyptian cat, such as the Egyptian Mau, you definitely need to consider an Egyptian name that will do justice to your precious cat. What about the name of a powerful god or a legendary pharaoh?

Of course, the names listed here make great names for all cats, not only Egyptian cats. But do consider your cat’s personality and your own personal preferences when choosing an Egyptian name. After all, if you and your cat do not like the name you choose, what’s the point? If you need Egyptian names for female cats, check out this page about his topic.

Egyptian Cat Names

Abasi - Serious

Abayomi – Joy bringer

Abubakar – Noble, good

Akhenaten (Also known as Akhenaton) – Name of a pharaoh (18th dynasty), it means devoted to the sun god

Akil – Intelligent, smart

Akins – Brave

Ammon – Greek name of the Egyptian god of mystery and hieroglyphs

Amun – Another name for Ammon, god of mystery

Anpu – God of the dead

Anubis – God of the afterlife

Apophis – God depicted as a snake, enemy of Ra

Astennu – God of the moon

Aswad – Black

Aten – Sun

Azizi – Adored, precious

Baba – The first son of Osiris

Baniti – Teacher

Bes – Bringer of joy

Bomani – Fighter, warrior

Cheops – Greek name of a pharaoh of the old kingdom (4th dynasty)

Chisisi – Mysterious, secret

Dakarai – Happy

Darwishi – Holy man

Donkor – Humble

Fadil – Generous

Gahiji – Hunter

Garai – Established

Gyasi – Wonderful

Hamadi – Admired

Hapi – God of the Nile

Horemheb – Name of the last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty

Heru – Sun God, another name for Horus

Horus – Sun God, god of the sky, war god

Husani – Handsome

Imhotep – Started out as a wise man and ended up as a god

More Egyptian cat names for male cats

Ishaq – Laughter

Jabari - Brave

Jafari – Brook

Jahi – Dignified, honorable

Kaphiri – Hilltop

Kazemde – Ambassador

Khafra (also known as Khafre) – Name of a pharaoh of the 4th dynasty

Khalid – Immortal one

Khenfu – Son of Amun-Ra and Mut

Kephera – Another form of Ra

Khufu – Name of a pharaoh (4th dynasty), also known as Cheops

Manu – Second son

Menkaura – Name of a pharaoh of the 4th dynasty

Mensah – Third son

Min – Egyptian fertility god

Moyses (Also Moses, Moshe) – Rescued from the waters, son (Biblical)

Moswen – White

Musim – With faith

Nassor – Triumphant, victorious

Nile – The famous river

Nuru – Child of the light

Omari – High born

Pharaoh – King, ruler of Ancient Egytp

Ptolemy – (Ptolemaic dynasty) – All the male rulers of this family took the name Ptolemy

Qeb (also known as Geb) – God of the Eath

Ra – The sun

Ramesses – Name of two pharaohs

Runihura – The destroyer

Sadiki – Faithful, loyal

Sebek – One of the gods of the underworld, he was depicted as a cocodrile

Set – God of darkness and evil

Seti – Name of two pharaohs

Sphinx – Ancient Egyptian mythological being depicted as a lion with a human head

Thutmose – Name of several pharaohs

Ur - Great

Do you have a favorite Egyptian cat name? I really like Osiris. It sounds so powerful and mysterious. If you still need more Egyptian names, please check back as I will continue to add more names. And for additional name ideas, check the links below.

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