Egyptian Cat Names

Looking for Egyptian cat names? Do you love reading and learning about Ancient Egypt and its culture? Do you want to give your cat a name that is out of the ordinary? If you think that "Fluffy" lacks pizzazz and punch, consider an Egyptian cat name.

Even if you don’t have an Egyptian cat, like the Egyptian Mau, you can still give your cat an exotic, beautiful Egyptian name. The list below contains Egyptian names for female cats; many of which are the names of Egyptian goddesses.

If you are looking for a name for your male kitty, here's a list of Egyptian names for male cats

Female Egyptian Cat Names

Egyptian cat

Acenath – Name of Joseph’s wife, meaning daughter (Biblical)

Ain – Priceless

Akila – Smart, intelligent

Amenti – Goddess of the Land of the West

Amunet – Goddess of mystery

Anath – Wife of Seth (son of Noah) (Biblical)

Ankhsi - She who lives (name contributed by one of our readers)

Annipe – Daughter of the Nile

Anukis – Goddess of the Nile’s falls

Astarte – Wife of Seth (son of Noah)

Auseth – An alternate name of the supreme goddess Isis

Aziza – Precious

Bahiti – Good luck, fortune

Bast – Cat goddess

Bastet – Another name for the cat goddess Bast

Bennu – Eagle

Buto – Goddess of protection, usually depicted as a cobra-headed woman

Chione – Daughter of the Nile

Cleopatra – Legendary queen of Egypt

Dalila - Sweet, gentle, peaceful

Eshe– Life

Femi – Love

Habibah – Beloved, loved

Halima – Gentle

Hasina – Good

Hathor – Deity who embodies love, motherhood and protection

Hapshetsut – Egyptian queen

Heget (also known as Heket) – Frog-headed goddess, symbol of life

Isis – Goddess of fertility and motherhood. Sister and wife of Osiris

Jamila – Beautiful

Jendayi – Grateful

Kamilah – Perfect, perfection

Kanika – Black, dark

Keket – Goddess of darkness

More Egyptian Names for Female Cats

Khepri – Rising sub

Layla – Born during the night

Maat – Goddess of justice

Mesi – Water

Mosi – Born first

Mut – Goddess of the heavens

Nefertari –Egyptian queen

Nefertiti – Legendary Egyptian queen, best known for her beauty

Neith – Divine mother

Nekhebet – Goddess protector of Upper Egypt, mothers and children

Nile – the famous river

Nubia – from the region of Nubia

Nut – Goddess of the sky

Olabisi – Joy bringer

Oni – Loved

Oseye – Happy, joyful

Pili – Second child

Quibilah – Calm, peaceful

Rashida – Just, righteous

Renenet (also known as Renenunet) – Goddess of the true name and abundance

Renpet – Goddess of youth

Safiya – Pure, whole

Sagira – Little one

Sanura – Kitten

Sekhmet – One of the feline goddesses, depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness

Selma – Safe, secure

Siti – Lady

Subira – Calm, patient

Urbi – Princess

Wait! There's more. Azhia, one of our readers, contributed the following list of Middle Egyptian names and information about Middle Egyptian:

  • Middle Egyptian was the Egyptian written from 2000 BCE to 1300 BCE (it consisted of both traditional hieroglyphs and a cursive hieroglyphs).

  • These were the names of the gods (and goddesses) before Ancient Egyptians adopted the more popular Greek names.

Here's the list...

  • Aset - 'Isis'

  • Usir - 'Osiris'

  • Anpu - 'Anubis'

  • Tehuty - 'Thoth'

  • Athyr - 'Hathor'

  • Horu - 'Horus'

  • Upuaut - Anubis twin - 'The opener of ways'

  • Khons - Khonsu the guide

I hope you enjoyed this list of names for Egyptian cats. Egyptian cat names are mysterious and magical, just perfect for a cat.

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