Girl cat names

If you are searching for girl cat names, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a list of names for girl cats.

Some are inspired by female athletes while others are more whimsical, like the ones inspired by precious stones.

Keep in mind that most cats respond better to short names.

However, that’s not a rule set in stone.

I have friends whose kitties have long names and respond to them very well. So you have to try them on for size. Hopefully you’ll find a girl cat name that fits your kitty just fine. Go to this page for more female cat name ideas.

Find the right girl cat name

From accomplished athletes to superheroes, you can find inspiration everywhere. Here are some ideas:

Female cat names inspired by female athletes

  • Annika (Sorenstam) (golf)

  • Arantxa (Sanchez Vicario) (tennis)

  • Billie Jean (King) (tennis)

  • Brandy (Chastain) (soccer)

  • Danica (Patrick) (car racing)

  • Diana (Taurasi) (basketball)

  • Dominique (Dawes) (gymnastics)

  • Gabrielle (Reece) (beach volleyball)

  • Galina (Chistyakova) (track and field)

  • Jackie (Joyner-Kersee) (track and field)

  • Jelena (Jancovic) (tennis)

  • Jennie (Finch) (softball)

  • Justine (Henin) (tennis)

  • Katarina (Witt) (figure skating)

  • Lisa (Leslie) (basketball)

  • Lorena (Ochoa) (golf)

  • Martina (Navratilova) (tennis)

  • Mia (Hamm) (soccer)

  • Michelle (Kwan) (figure skating)

  • Misty (May-Traynor) (beach volleyball)

  • Monica (Seles (tennis)

  • Nadia (Comaneci) (gymnastics)

  • Nastia (Liukin) (gymnastics)

  • Olga (Korbut) (gymnastics)

  • Peggy (Flemming) (figure skating)

  • Sasha (Cohen) (figure skating)

  • Serena (Williams) (tennis)

  • Shawn (Johnson) (gymnastics)

  • Sonja (Henie) (figure skating)

  • Steffi (Graff) (tennis)

  • Sue (Bird) (basketball)

  • Venus (Williams) (tennis)

Names inspired by fruits, vegetables, and spices

Apple Apricot Berry
Cabbage Carrot Cayenne
Cherry Coco Coconut
Orangina Peach Peachy
Pepper Plum Rosemary

Names inspired by precious stones, gems and metals

Agate Amethyst Diamond
Esmeralda (Emerald) Jade Garnet
Gold Goldie Onyx
Opal Oro (Spanish for gold) Pearl
Pearly Ruby Sapphire

Royal titles

Countess Duchess Empress
Infanta(Spain) Lady Majesty
Marchioness Princesa (Spanish for princess) Princess
Reina (Spanish for queen) Queen Queenie

Names inspired by superheroes

Batgirl Catwoman Catgirl
Cosmic Girl Dream Girl Phantom Girl
Saturn Girl Storm Supergirl
Wonder Cat

Did you find a name you like? If not, at least I hope these names inspired you to find more names. You can also check the links below for more names ideas.

Here are several boy cat names for your consideration.

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