Names for Kittens

Names for kittens are many. So how do you find the right one for your kitten? To tell you the truth, I’ve never had any particular method for finding cat names. In fact, my sister named our two cats, not me.

However, I’ve helped some of my friends find names for their kittens. I usually look at a few things when looking for a kitten name:

  1. The cat’s appearance

  2. The cat’s personality

  3. Name uniqueness

Of course, this is just one of many strategies you may follow. If you don’t know where to begin, check this page about cat names and where you can find inspiration.

So, going back to our topic, kitten names, you will find below several cat names you may like to consider. I hope that even if you don’t use them, they will spark some new ideas.

Cute kitten names

Naming kittens is so much fun, kittens are soooo cute. And a cute kitten deserves a cute cat name:

For boys:

  1. Adonis
  2. Artie
  3. Ari
  4. Barney
  5. Bear
  6. Benny
  7. Benito
  8. Bobby
  9. Boy
  10. Buddy
  11. Carlito
  12. Charlie
  13. Danny
  14. Davy
  15. Dixon
  16. Donnie
  17. Ed
  18. Eddie
  19. Georgie
  20. Giggles
  21. Mr. Trouble
  22. Prince
  23. Tiki
  24. Toby
  25. Tommy

For Girls:

  1. Abby
  2. Annie
  3. Barbie
  4. Bonnie
  5. Bonita (Spanish for pretty)
  6. Dee
  7. Dee-Dee
  8. Candy
  9. Carrie
  10. Hannah

  11. Lacy
  12. Lady
  13. Lily
  14. Lizzy
  15. Lola
  16. Lucy
  17. Katie
  18. Mamma
  19. Miss Kitty
  20. Pearl
  21. Pixie
  22. Pretty
  23. Princesa
  24. Princess
  25. Rainbow
  26. Sasha
  27. Sassy
  28. Tess
  29. Vicky

For both boys and girls:

  1. Angel
  2. Baby
  3. Babe
  4. Bebe
  5. Bee
  6. Bunny
  7. Buttons
  8. Chubby
  9. Cotton
  10. Cookie
  11. Curly
  12. Cutie
  13. Fluffy
  14. Fuzzy
  15. Fuzz Ball
  16. Fur Ball
  17. Kitty
  18. Pinky
  19. Snowy
  20. Shadow
  21. Spooky
  22. Twiggy
  23. Twinky

Here are more cute names for male kittens. And here you'll find lots of cute names for female kittens.

Funny names for kittens

Do you fancy funny names? Consider the following:

  1. Bandido (or Bandida)
  2. Bandit
  3. Big Meow
  4. Bubbles
  5. Cool Kitty
  6. Couch Potato
  7. Cowboy (or Cowgirl)
  8. Crunchy
  9. Diva (Divo)
  10. Frisky
  11. Foxy
  12. Kiwi
  13. Lady Marmalade
  14. Mr. Bean
  15. Pinto
  16. Plato
  17. Possum
  18. Tornado
  19. Zorro

Kittens names - By color

Still need kitten name inspiration? A cat’s appearance is always a reliable source of inspiration. Here are some colorful cat names:

  1. Amarillo (Spanish for yellow)
  2. Amber
  3. Amethyst
  4. Aqua
  5. Blanco or Blanca (Spanish for white)
  6. Black
  7. Blacky
  8. Brown
  9. Brownie
  10. Celeste (Spanish for pale blue)
  11. Colorado (Spanish for red)
  12. Chocolate
  13. Cream
  14. Gold
  15. Golden
  16. Goldie
  17. Indigo
  18. Orangina
  19. Opal
  20. Peach
  21. Peaches
  22. Peachy
  23. Pink
  24. Pinky
  25. Purple
  26. Red
  27. Rosy
  28. Scarlett
  29. Silver
  30. Violet
  31. Yellow

Here's some additional kitten name inspiration.

I'll keep adding new kitten names to this page so stay tuned for more!

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