Cute Kitten Names

for male kittens

Cute kitten names for your furry bundle of joy…

Are you looking for a cute name for your male kitten? Are you feeling stumped? Here's some help. Below you will find a list of names for cute kittens.

I know you will like some names better than others, and you may even think that some of the names are not cute at all. After all, personal taste is a very subjective matter. Regardless, go through the list and use it as a starting point. Maybe this list will inspire you to come up with more original names. By the way, you can find inspiration everywhere: celebrities, literary cats, artists, even plants and fruits!

So take your time during the selection process. And do take into consideration you kitten's physical appearance and personality when selecting a name for your male kitten.

And if you have a female kitten, check our cute names for female kittens page for lots of name ideas.

Cute cat names for male kittens


Adriel Adjani Ale
Angus Armani Azreal


Bach Bacon Barley
Beluga Benji Benson
Bilbo Bingo Blues
Bogart Booster Buck


Cacao Caesar Cameron
Cesar Chap Chevy


Edison Eggroll Einstein
Elmo Elroy Errol


Fire Ferdie Ferrari
Flare Ford Friday


Gable Gavin Gatsby
Genie Gucci Gustav


Hamlet Ham Han


Jack Jagger Jason
Jesse Joey Jonas


Lemon Les Lucius


Macaroni Mack Mandarin
Mango Marconi Mickey


Niblet Nip Nod


Paulie Pee Wee Pepe
Pippin Plato Polo


Ralphie Randy Rum


Sampson Scooter Sebastian
Shelby Sherlock Smokey
Solomon Stuart


Tag Tango Tato
Tico Titian Trick


Wicket Whip Whispers
Woody Zebra Zero
Zip Zippy Zoom

My hope is that you find a cute kitten name for your cute kitten, and I hope that the names presented here help you in your search. Visit our cute cat names page for more ideas, or check the related pages below.

Do you want to see some cute kittens? Here are several pics of cute kittens.

And please keep checking back as new names will be added periodically.

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