Female Cat Names

Searching for female cat names? Naming cats can be quite fun, but sometimes you get stuck. If you need help finding a female cat name, check the list of names below. Some are cute and fun while others are more traditional and serious.

Before you select a cat name, consider your cat’s appearance and personality, maybe some of the names you’ll find here will suit her just fine. If not, they will at least give you new ideas.

Names for female cats


Abby Alex Alexandra
Alexis Allie Ana
Angel Angela Angie
Annie April Arabella
Arlen Aspen Ashley
Athena Autumn


Baby Barbie Beauty
Bebe Becky Becca
Belle Bella Bianca
Blanche Bonita Bonnie
Buttercup Buttons


Candy Callie Carrie
Cassie Charm Chassy
Chiquita Chloe Claire
Clara Cleo Cleopatra
Clio Christie Christina
Cupcake Curly


Daisy Darla Dawn
Dee Denise Desiree
Dolly Dora Doris
Dorita Dot Dottie


Elena Elle Ella
Eliza Esme Espy
Estelle Eva Evita


Fiona Flor (Spanish for flower) Flora
Flossie Fluffy Frisky


Gem Gemma Georgia
Gia Ginny Gracie
Grizabella Gypsy


Hallie Hazel Heidi
Holly Honey Hope


Icy Irina Irene
Isabel Isa Isis


Jada Jamie Jewel
Jolly Joy Judy
Julia Julie June


Kally Karina Kate
Katie Kay Kaye
Kayla Kelly Kenna
Kirsten Kristin Kristina


Lacy Lee Lily
Linda Lisa Liza
Lizzy Lorelei Lori
Lou Lou Lovely Lucia
Lucinda Lucy Luna
Lulu Luz


Macy Maggie Mandy
Mary Marie March
Marcie Marnie Mariel
Marla Marion Marsha
Meg Megan Mia
Millie Missy Misty
Moon Moonie Muriel


Nala Nefertiti Nena
Nina Noodle Noni


Patty Patsy Pearl
Peaches Penny Pretty Girl


Reggie Regina Rosie
Roz Roxy Ruby


Sally Sandy Sass
Sassy Sheila Siren
Sophie Stacy Star
Starlight Stella


Tabitha Tabby Tammy
Tara Tasha Tess
Thea Tia Trisha


Ulla Uma Una
Unity Ursula


Vera Veronica Velvet
Vicky Vida Viola
Violet Vita


Wanda Wednesday Wendy
Willie Winnie

I hope you like some of the names presented here. Or at least, I hope they sparked your imagination. As you can see, you can find names for girl cats anywhere, you are sure to find the perfect name for your cat.

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