The Pride, a true story cat cartoon

The Pride, a true story cat cartoon, is the title of a comic strip starring Crazy Johnny. However, this is not your typical cat cartoon.

The Pride chronicles the real life experiences of Johnny, his gang of cat “friends” (who don’t appreciate having been displaced as the centers of the universe by Johnny) and their human companion, Jane.

I learned about The Pride and Crazy Johnny very recently, and I must confess that I found this cartoon to be one of the most hilarious cat-inspired cartoons I’ve ever read. I think that this is due to the fact that this comic strip is entirely based on the very real adventures of Johnny as narrated by his human, Jane.

As a cat lover, I love cartoon cats. And as you may already know, there are many cartoons in which cats are the protagonists. Beloved cartoon cats, like Garfield and Felix the Cat, are well-known around the globe. And there are many others: Tom (from Tom and Jerry fame), Heathcliff and Sylvester – just to name a few. Many of these cartoon cats have many human traits: they eat human food, they get depressed, they talk, etc.

Johnny, by contrast, is a cat with very feline traits. For starters, he has that inscrutable feline personality that mere humans fail to fully understand. He also loves scratching (especially Jane’s hair!), he has utterly neurotic episodes, and he loves bugs. The strip revolves around Johnny’s very feline antics and his daily interactions with his cat companions, and Jane. In each episode, you learn about his explorations and discoveries, and about his unique view of the world. This is a true original cartoon by all accounts.

The Pride's creator

The Pride is the brainchild of Jane Denny, a very talented artist and avid cat lover. The strip first appeared in 2006 in the magazine New York Tails. Jane’s main source of inspiration comes from Johnny and her other cats: Lance the King, Harry the Bear, the twins Moby Darling and Steven Oliver McFadden, Caroline, Lionel, Sandra Piranha, and Patricia Tuxeda Piranha who – as Jane points out – are “all disgruntled former centers of the universe.”

Jane Denny was the recipient of the 2007 Muse Medallion for Best Cat Cartoon in the 2007 Purina/Cat Writers’ Association’s communication contest.

Bios... and crazy gifts

Enjoy and share Johnny’s tales of cat madness…

To learn more about Johnny, please visit There you will also find the bios of Johnny’s furry companions. Furthermore, you can read there Jane’s very funny (and true) story about how she came upon Johnny and her other cat friends.

While you’re there, you might want to visit the (newly updated) store. You will find an array of gifts (including mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts, clocks, and messenger bags) showcasing Crazy Johnny. These items make fun, original and affordable gifts for cat lovers of all ages.


I'm happy to announce that The Pride Cartoon has added two new hilarious strips: The Sting and The X-Files.

Go to The Pride Cartoon site for the complete strips menu. They're all fantastic! You will also find new bios there.

New Episodes!

The latest installments of Crazy Johnny's saga are here! Rubber Ducky and The Fairy Cat Mother Strikes Again are delightful, not to mention hilarious.


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