Cat Names and Meanings

Looking for cat names and meanings? Here you will find a list of fun cat names and their meanings. So before you name your cat, find out what such name means!

The following list includes names inspired by foreign words, mythology and ancient names. You will also find the name meanings. I hope this list helps you find the perfect name for your cat.

Pet names and meanings

Elegant White Cartoon Cat

  • Ab, Abba – father (Semitic languages)

  • Abbot - priest (Old English)

  • Abia – name of the nursemaid of Hyllus, a son of Heracles (Greek mythology)

  • Abner - father of light (Hebrew)

  • Amazon – from Greek mythology, a tribe of female warriors

  • Amor – love (Spanish)

  • Amore – love (Italian)

  • Amour – love (French)

  • Andromeda – name of a princess in Greek mythology

  • Anushka - favored grace

  • Avis – bird (Latin)

  • Baast (Bast) - Egyptian cat goddess

  • Baldwin - brave friend (Ancient German)

  • Bellona - goddess of war

  • Bijou – jewel (French)

  • Burke – birch tree (German)

  • Cheri, Cherie – dear, precious (French)

  • Chile – hot pepper, chili pepper (Spanish)

  • Chinook – name of Native American tribe (US)

  • Chiquita - little girl (Spanish)

  • Dante – lasting (Italian)

  • Dartagnan – leader, one of the "Three Musketeers"

  • Elaine – derived from Helen, meaning bright

  • Elle – derived from Eleanor, a medieval form of Helen

  • Faye (Fay) - fairy (Old French)

  • Feliz – happy (Spanish)

  • Gianina – God is gracious (Italian)

  • Gingseng - root of plant with medicinal attributes

  • Hahn – rooster (German)

  • Lear – of the meadow (German)

  • Luna – moon (Spanish)

  • Magnificat – magnify (Latin)

  • Miel – honey (Spanish)

  • Pax –peace (Latin)

  • Ramses - son of Ra (Egyptian)

  • Saffiya – pure (Arabic)

  • Sienna – reddish-brown clay (Italian)

  • Sushi – Japanese dish consisting of rice and raw seafood or fish

  • Tara - towering rock, home of the ancient kings of Ireland

  • Toffee – a type of hard brown, chewy candy

More fun and unique names

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