Cool Cat Names

Looking for cool cat names for your cool cat? Then you’re in luck. Here are some cool names for cool cats.

So what makes a name a cool name? defines cool (slang) as:

  1. great, fine, excellent

  2. highly skilled or clever.

So a cool name has to be great, fine and excellent. Of course, "coolness" is a subjective matter so what may be cool for me may not be cool for you. Thus, the name you choose for your kitty must be cool for you, even if others don't agree with your choice or preference.

Now, I do believe all cats are cool cats. They all are suave and smooth. I wish I could be half as cool as my cats.

Anyway, below you will find a list of cat names for both male and female cats. I hope that this list of cool names sparks your own creativity.

Cool names for cats - Male

Adonis Alexander Alexis
Alistair Alasdair Argos
Aristocat Basil Brad
Bentley BradleyBrandon
DristanDon Gato Eros

Cool names for female cats

Adeline AlanisAmabel
AmberAmberine Annelie
Iris IsabellaJanela
Janice Judy Leilani
MaiaMedea Melody
Melodia MorganPetronilla

More cool names for cats

Here are some wonderful (and did I mention cool?) cat names submitted by Judi, one of our readers. These are actual names of cats she has or has had.

  1. Gobi - name of red male tabby. Named after the desert and the color of his sandy hair.

  2. Link - male silver tabby. Named for the knight in the game Zelda

  3. Jenga- female black cat

  4. Bamboo- male long hair Siamese mix

  5. Ceda- female chocolate angora

Thank you Judi!

A cool cat deserves a cool name. Did you find a cool cat name for your cat on this list? I certainly hope so. If you still need more cat name ideas, check the links below.

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