Calico Cat Gifts

Calico cat gifts make the perfect choice for your calico cat loving friends. But they are not the only ones who would welcome a gift inspired by calico cats. Indeed, a calico cat gift will delight any cat lover on your list.

Below you will find several ideas and suggestions to help you find unique cat gifts showcasing these beautiful tricolor felines.

But before we begin, what is a calico cat? Calicos are true tricolor cats. Their coats show patches of three distinct colors: white, black and orange (or red). Interestingly, most calicos are female.

Calico-inspired cat gifts

Don’t know where to start? Not sure about what type of gift to give? What about price? Luckily, there are many options to choose from, and many come at affordable prices. Here are a few gift ideas:

Calico cat art. For the avid art lover who is also a cat lover, a gift of calico cat art is just the answer. You can give:

  • Calico cat pictures - You will find an assortment of pictures of calicos.

  • Calico cat posters - Gladly, most of these pieces are budget-friendly. Plus they are great to decorate any spot.

  • Calendars showcasing calico cats - Calendars make great calico cat gifts. They are not only an inexpensive option, but they are practical gifts, too.

  • Items celebrating dilute calicos - Check out this page devoted to dilute calico gifts.

You can also give home accessories depicting calicos. For example, you can find mugs, picture frames, and magnets with a calico cat motif. These items are also budget-friendly.

Figurines and collectibles. If you don’t want to go wrong, a calico cat figurine is a safe bet.

Calico cat jewelry. Brooches, pins, and watches inspired by the colorful calico make unique gifts, especially if you are willing to spend a little more. But for the most part, you will find inexpensive pieces.

Plush toys. For children of all ages, you can find affordable calico-themed stuffed dolls and toys.

Handmade gifts. You’d be surprised at all the wonderful, original and unique calico-inspired gifts you can find at From sculptures to watercolors, and from jewelry pieces to hand puppets, you’ll find it all there.

Make your own gifts. Know how to crochet or embroider? Do you make your own jewelry? Do you enjoy the crafts? Take advantage of your unique talents and create your own presents.

Do you (or your friends) have a calico cat? You can make your own art using your cat’s photos. Take a good picture of your cat and blow it up just a bit, print it, and put it in a nice frame. You can also make a collage using several pictures. Here’s an article on how to blow up your photos and turn them into wall art.

Personalized gifts. Several online stores allow you to upload your own images and personalize your gifts. You can add your personal touch to: mugs, aprons, mouse pads, and more.

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