How Do Cats Meow?

Question: How do cats meow?

Answer: They use the same mechanism humans do: cats use their voice box to produce sounds.

It all starts with the air that comes from the lungs. That air is pushed through the trachea and into the vocal cords. This airflow causes the vocal cords to vibrate, which in turns produces the meow sound.

Cats then modulate each meow to express different things. Experts and cat owners agree that cats use different meows for different things.

Why do cats meow?

Cats meow to communicate. They meow when they’re hungry, when they want to be let in (or out), and even to express their emotions.

How do you say meow (verb) in...

Dutch - Miauwen

French - Miaou

German - Miauen

Italian - Miagolio

Spanish - Maullir

Videos of Cats Meowing

These cute videos are brought to you in affiliation with YouTube.This kitty is clearly responding to the "other cat". Interesting because cats usually don’t meow to other cats.

Siamese cat talking with her "human"

Cats are one of the most vocal of the domestic cats. This kitty cat is a fine example.

Another gorgeous (and very talkative) Siamese cat

Siamese just love "talking".

Enjoyed these videos? Watch similar videos here.

Now you know how cats meow. For more articles on cats' vocalizations, visit the links listed below.

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