Videos of Cats Meowing

Videos of cats meowing are very popular at YouTube. Some are funny (even down right hilarious), others are cute, and others are simply adorable.

Cats are very smart animals and they meow to let their humans know what they want and how they feel.

A very interesting fact is that cats rarely meow to each other. It seems that they use it almost exclusively to communicate with their human companions.

However, cats do make other noises (like chirping, hissing, and chattering), and they direct them to other cats and animals. This article explores the causes of why cats-meow.

Here are some videos brought to you in affiliation with YouTube.

A funny cat meowing for food

This kitty almost talks… he really wants his turkey. Notice that the other cats are silent. I guess he's the spokesperson of the whole pack.

Interestingly, asking for food is one of the most common reasons why cats use the meow-sound.

Are you listening?

Low and deep rumble… Translation: If you're not going to do what I tell you to do, leave me alone.

More Meowing Cats

Kitty seems to say: Could you please go away… I’m trying to nap here...

My cat Max still does that to me. He doesn't like it when we talk or make other noises when he's sleeping. I don't blame him. I don't like it either.

Another meowing cat…

This beautiful Egyptian Mau is very "talkative". In fact, Egyptian Maus are one of the most vocal cat breeds.

A very cute (and loud) kitten…

Kittens start "talking" within a few days of being born. Experts believe that kittens communicate with their mothers through their meowing-sounds.

Are these cats cute or what? They all put a smile on my face. I hope you enjoyed going through them as well.

Visit our "how-cats-meow" page, to learn about this fascinating topic, and to watch more videos of meowing-kitties.

Fun Cat Facts

  • All domestic cats (and some wild cats) are born with the "meowing-ability".

  • Cats respond to human language. Expert think that felines can memorize certain words.

  • Other common cat sounds are: purring, chirping, and yowling.

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