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The human-animal bond is a mysterious thing. Quite often you’ll hear friends or co-workers pondering this marvel as in, what the devil does she see in that mangy critter? That critter of course, is a cat.

What is it about cats that attract humans? They aren’t slavishly devoted to us like dogs are. In fact, humans are pretty much the cats’ slave, fetching snacks, rushing out to buy a new brand of cat food when noses are turned up, and scooping the litter box. On the other hand, cats don’t drool on us, chase cars, or expel gas at a rate that has tripled the effects of global warming. But then, they shed.

No doubt about it, we poor excuses for useful companions, not having any skills at bagging mice, are clearly divided into three camps when it comes to cats. You love them or...dislike them intensely, or tolerate the foibles of your feline fanatic friends.

The good news is that no matter which category you fall into, there are cat themed gifts for the other two, and for anyone that resides in your section of the cat fan bleachers.

Cat lovers are simple to buy for. They love anything to do with cats. But if they’re really that wrapped up in their furry friends, they likely have a considerable amount of cat themed items already. Next time you visit, cast your eye around and see what’s out in the open. If you’ve heard them mention any special interests outside of Kitty’s endless antics, that can be the key to getting them something cat themed and useful.

For those who love cat decor, there are individual pieces suited to different rooms, or you can find an entire set like cat bathroom accessories that come in a delightful array of matching pieces that include a soap dish, lotion dispenser, shower curtain, bath mat, wastebasket and even shower curtain hooks. Cat design blankets or throws are paws-itively perfect for the cat lover and their furballs to cuddle up in with a good book. And of course, there are always collectors who would love an new addition to their treasure trove of cat salt and pepper shakers, cat Christmas ornaments, or cat figurines. But if you’re trying to get on the good side of Fluffy’s owner, you’ll want to have a look for some of the more beautifully crafted cat décor items like a Tiffany cats sun catcher, or stained glass style table with metal frame and curved legs, and a marvelous glass top covered in colorful cats.

Those who, shall we say are less than thrilled to have a loving laid on them by something with tuna breath, are open to many kinds of humorous cat gifts, especially if they live with a cat lover. Flat cat wall art is a wonderful way to grant them a way of expressing their dearest fantasy, while keeping all nearby felines happy and healthy. Naturally, you won’t want to gift someone with this unless they are single, about to be single, or used to be single and cat-less.

The in-between person, the one who tolerates (most of the time) their cat friends’ foibles, can still be made to smile when they unwrap something as silly as a cat wobbler. Those irresistible items are good for absolutely nothing more than attracting other people to your desk at work, where they’ll have a great time poking the spring mounted arms and head. Failing that, there is the time-honored, all purpose gift – the coffee mug, with a suitably sly or otherwise snarky motto that will give voice to their feelings when they don’t dare to!

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