Cats Mating

Have you ever seen or heard a couple of cats mating? If you have, you will agree that it can be quite dramatic.

So how does the "cat mating" game begin?

A female cat becomes a "queen" once she reaches puberty. She is then ready for mating and reproduction. The heat cycle, which is also called estrus, usually starts when a female cat is as young as 6 months old (sometimes even before that). The female cat will bleed while she is in heat but not as profusely as other animals. Most of the time, you will not notice any blood. A cats heat cycle can last from a few days to several weeks, and it starts again every two to three weeks.

Behavior of cats in heat

So how do cats in heat behave? Queens will become more affectionate and vocal. They will meow and yowl more loudly. This behavior can become quite annoying to their human companions.

Female cats will also want (and try) to get out the house in order to find a tom cat for a romantic rendezvous. They will also try to mate with any sexually mature male in the house.

Do not be surprised if you see tom cats from the neighborhood paying you more visits than usual.

Sexually mature males (provided they are not neutered) will start spraying their surroundings in an effort to mark their territory. They will also become more vocal and some may become aggressive. Some indoor toms will try to get out of the house to go in search of a female in heat.

Cats mating and pregnancy

A queen uses her body language to announce that she is ready to mate: She will bend her forelegs and raise her hindquarters with the tale held to the side, thus exposing her vulva. The tom will then mount her from behind. He will also grab her by the neck using his teeth.

Some experts believe that the barbed penis of the male cat stimulates ovulation.

How soon do female cats get pregnant after mating? The ovulation begins 20 to 50 hours after mating. A queen can usually become pregnant 10 to 12 days after mating. This article has information about how long is the cat gestation period.

Spay/neuter your cats

I hope this brief article about cats mating helps you understand this process a bit better. It is always good to learn about cats' physiology; however, I don’t recommend mating cats (unless you are a professional cat breeder).

It is extremely important to spay/neuter your cat. Spaying and neutering will help reduce overpopulation and will contribute to your cat’s overall well-being.

Is it okay to spay your cat while she’s in heat? Some vets recommend waiting until the cycle is over.

If your cat has recently had kittens you should wait at least two weeks before having her spayed.

This is general information. Please consult your vet for additional information about spaying and neutering.

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