Mobile Pet Groomers

Mobile pet groomers are very convenient, especially if your cat doesn’t like going out much.

So what is a mobile groomer?

Basically, mobile groomers operate pet salons on wheels.

Usually, they will convert a van and equip it with everything that is needed to service domestic pets (mostly dogs and cats).

Indeed, many of these mobile pet salons come with state of the art tools and facilities.

Advantages of mobile groomers

As I said before, mobile pet groomers are very convenient. Let’s review the advantages a mobile groomer offers:

  • Mobile groomers come to you.

  • Having them come to you it’s great if your cat needs special care.

  • It’s also wonderful for senior pets.

  • They offer a fantastic option for disabled pets or pets with mobility problems.

  • If you live far away from a pet salon, they save you a trip.

  • They are the perfect solution if you have difficulties transporting your cat.

Note: Before you make an appointment with a mobile pet groomer, make sure that she caters to cats. Mobile cat grooming is growing in popularity, but many groomers focus more on dogs than in felines.

Where to find mobile pet/cat groomers?

There are many ways to find the right mobile groomer for you and your cat. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask your local pet groomer if she offers mobile services.

  • Try the yellow pages. You’ll be surprised at what you can find in your neighborhood.

  • Also try, which is sort of like the yellow pages online. You can search by city.

  • Ask your vet and/or animal clinic personnel.

  • Don’t forget to ask your friends for referrals and recommendations.

  • Do a Google search using "mobile pet grooming" and your city’s name as keywords.

  • Check and select your city/state/country. Under community, select pets. Then do a search using "mobile grooming" or "mobile groomers" as your search terms.

  • Check online pet directories.

Before you decide on a pet groomer make sure you read our page on pet groomers.

The section What should you look for in a groomer gives you detailed information on how to select the best groomer for your cat.

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